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Inderlok to Ashok Park Main

Delhi Metro


Check out the Delhi Metro route map from Inderlok to Ashok Park Main here. Find out all stations lying between Inderlok and Ashok Park Main and the interchange stations, if any. You can know the total distance covered and time taken from Inderlok metro station to Ashok Park Main metro station.

Please be informed that Inderlok lies on Green line and Ashok Park Main lies on Green line. The map also shows the disconnections, if any, where another mode of transport might be needed to continue metro journey further.

How to Gain Entry at Inderlok Station and Exit at Ashok Park Main?

You need to buy a ticket (in the form of plastic coin) every time you have to ride Delhi Metro from Inderlok to Ashok Park Main. Else, you can have a pre-paid discounted card which can be used till its balance expires. This card remains with you and needs to be recharged when balance is exhausted.

Once at Inderlok station, you can buy tickets either at counter, or using the kiosk machine operated by an attendant. E-Wallets, such as Paytm, UPI, debit and credit cards can also be used to make the payments.

Once the coin or the card is received at Inderlok, you need to place it on the censor space provided for it at the entry door gates. This will open the gate automatically.

On reaching the destination station Ashok Park Main, you will have to again place this coin or card on the censors at the exit gates so that these be opened to let you leave.

Advantages of Using Delhi Metro Rail from Inderlok to Ashok Park Main

1. Saves time considerably as congested roads are skipped.

2. It is one of the cheapest ways of traveling between Inderlok and Ashok Park Main and surrounding areas.

3. Feeder buses of Delhi Metro operate in areas nearest to Inderlok which makes end-to-end connectivity possible for the convenience of passengers.

4. All metro stations, including those of Inderlok and Ashok Park Main are disabled-friendly, which means that people of different disabilities can access any part of network with ease. Lifts, escaltors, embossed tiles and gently sloping inclines are some of its features.

5. Safety is another major advantage of Delhi Metro rail network as these are protected by CISF and all operational risks are covered using highest level of technology.

6. Inderlok and Ashok Park Main stations also have facilities for refreshment and public conveniences.

7. The Delhi Metro works towards being eco-friendly. Its solar powered stations – Inderlok and Ashok Park Main provide clean energy.


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