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Founded by Shaikh Farid, treasurer of Jahangir in A.D. 1607, Faridabad has become a part of Haryana State on 15th August 1979 as its 12th District. Faridabad is about 25 to 30 kms away from national capital ‘Delhi’. The city shares its border with Delhi on its north, Gurgaon on its West and Palwal District in South. The boundary of Faridabad also touches some of the parts of Uttar Pradesh State. Bounded by River Yamuna in the East, the city is also surrounded by Aravalli Hills in the South and West regions. It is said that Shaikh Farid founded this city to protect its highway. Delhi-Agra National Highway No.2 passes through the city, providing excellent connectivity to Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. It is said that Faridabad named after Baba Farid.

Earlier, it has been the headquarters of a Pargana held in jagir by the Ruler of Ballabgarh. But now the city has changed a lot in terms of its infrastructure. The city is mainly divided into four divisions- Faridabad, Ballabgarh, Palwal and Hodal. With a total area of 742.90 Sq.Km, Faridabad has a population of 17,98,954 as per Census 2011 data making it one of the most dense populated districts in Haryana. The city has witnessed a rapid growth in last one decade in terms of its economy, infrastructure, education, health and real estate sector. Talking about the culture and tradition, the city enjoys a mix culture. The dominating communities in this part are Jats and Gujars. However, people from different States like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Rajasthan have been migrating to the city.

In the present time, Faridabad is divided into two parts –Old and New. The Old Faridabad mainly belongs to industrial and farming area whereas New Faridabad has become the hub for IT companies, corporate bodies and government departments. The New Faridabad has all the facilities that can make it to become a potential modern city. The city has also seen a massive rise in its property rates due to its excellent connectivity to Delhi. All leading real estate developers have launched their dream commercial and residential projects in this city.

General Information on Faridabad
Location South-Eastern part of Haryana

25 Kilometres south of Delhi

Town Area 742.90 Sq.Km
Latitude 28.4211° N
Longitude 77.3078° E
Population 17,98,954
Telephone Code 0129
Languages spoken Hindi, English, Punjabi, Urdu

The city is also known for its better transportation system. It has inter-state buses that take people to Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Rajasthan and Punjab. Faridabad has three main railway stations- Faridabad Main, New Town and Ballabgarh. With the arrival of Delhi Metro, the city has become the most preferred destination for corporate and MNCs. The city has become the main house for motorcycles, refrigerators, shoes and tyres industries. Major companies like Orient Fans, Central Insecticides, Escorts limited, Yamaha Motors India Pvt. Ltd., Whirlpool and JCB India have their offices in Faridabad. To attract tourists, the city has places like- Badkhal Lake, Aravalli Golf Club, Dabchick, Raja Nahar Singh Palace and Suraj Kund Tourist Complex.