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HOHO Delhi – Delhi Sightseeing Made Special

HOHO bus service is the best option to seeing Delhi’s sightseeing which make your trip special. After Paris, Sydney, London, Rome, Singapore, New York now Delhi has introduced HOHO bus services for tourism. Tourist who want to explore the city can opt this option as these buses cover almost all important and popular tourist destination which includes local markets, historical monuments, museums and many more. Apart of these tourist can also explore the charm of the old Delhi where one can get souvenirs shops, savour culinary delights, art-facts, delicious food and many more. Passengers of these buses can hop on and hop off at any location which comes along the way. One can get the HOHO bus from 8 AM to 7:15 PM as per the convenience. These buses makes the Delhi tourism easy to watch as one can get various comfort while travelling:

  • HOHO buses are available at very affordable rates.
  • Journey of this bus is very comfortable as the bus is fully air conditioner.
  • Tourism are free to explore Delhi in their own way.
  • Bus is available in almost every half an hour.
  • Tourist can hop on and hop off at any location at more than 19 locations according to their choice
  • Tourist will get in board information about the city which makes them more knowledgeable about the city and its facts.
  • This bus offer an opportunity to travel the city Hassel free from other public transport.

One can easily book the bus online to get the tickets for individual or for group at www.hohodelhi.com and for more information one can also contact the helpline number: 011-40940000 or mail at info@hohodelhi.com

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