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Delhi, being a multi-cultured and multi-linguistic city, lures a large numbers of people not just from India but abroad as well. Delhi as the capital city of the country shares its borders with other major states like Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. And the influence of these states can also be found in the language and lifestyle of Delhi as well. People of Delhi are usually known as “Delhi-ites”. Delhi-ites are very modern and also open to embracing all the new customs and transforms but at the same time they are also extremely conscious of their culture. People of varied caste, creed and of course culture live here with serene and harmony. This shows the “Unity in Diversity” among the people of Delhi. Growth of advanced infrastructure, all the new avenues of business and employment have also beckoned people from all the major parts of the country to migrate to the capital city in search of better livelihood. Today, Delhi perfectly holds the burden of additional population from other states such as Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Haryana and Uttaranchal.

The diversity in the culture of the city can be seen in festival season where people from varied religion come together for a quite common cause. This diversity is amazingly visible on occasions such as Holi and EID being celebrated with pure joy and brotherhood. The flavor of Christmas in the city is also made quite more penetrating by the enthusiasm of Guru Purab as both are celebrated with full on enthusiasm. Same ecstasy can also be seen at the time of light festival “Diwali” and Buddha Purnima. Due to this extreme factor, Delhi has been most proudly abbreviated as “Dilwalon Ki Delhi.” And of course there is no deny in the fact that the people who are here usually very open-hearted, lively and they actually love their life. They love to enjoy each and every festival with full energy.

Undoubtedly migration from other states has made Delhi over populated and due to this it also become an extremely polluted modern city. There is hardly any other residential space left in the city that is not used by citizens and dwellers.

The increase in the overall population has made it quite imperative for neighboring states such as Haryana and Uttar Pradesh to take an advantage of the situation and make inroads towards highly developing the whole region. This is quite vivid from the overall developments we see today in the NCR includes Gurgaon, Noida and Faridabad. These cities have also shared the burden of the capital city by accommodating the increasing global demand of commerce and outsourcing in the city. The modern infrastructure within NCR also makes easy commuting between Delhi and NCR an easy ride.

Foreign direct investment (FDI) in the city has elevated considerably in the few years with all the investments in major sectors including real estate India, Business Process Outsourcing, Information Technology, IT enabled services, Telecom and many more. This is not just the end of the road; government is also alluring foreign investors to invest more and more in other sectors as well. The governments of India and Delhi have itself made flexible policies to make sure the optimum FDI in all the Indian industries. The effect of such major policies can be seen in the investment graphs. With the increase in all the industrial development over the last few years, Delhi has indeed become one of the major economical forces of the country along with the designation of being called the modern metropolitan city of the country.

People have seen and also experienced the developments taking place in Delhi. But the city has a varied side which has not been perfectly adhered to by the government.

Apart from Business purpose, the city has lot more to see an experience. Here one can enjoy lots of tourist attractions and can collect lots of memories here with the loved ones.


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