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Getting to Delhi

Delhi, the capital of India is easily reachable from anywhere in India. Foreign tourists also have the privilege of getting to Delhi as there are many airlines plying directly to Delhi. Tourism in Delhi is growing like never before and the city is witnessing a large number of visitors from across the world. Being the national capital of India, Delhi has more than one advantage and innumerable reasons as to why tourists must visit the place.

How to Reach New Delhi

There are so many options available if you are planning your vacations in Delhi. Reaching to Delhi is not a difficult task with different means of transport available and the presence of various tours operators make things very easy for tourists.

You can reach Delhi by:

Air: Delhi Domestic and International Airports have flights from all major countries in the world. Domestic network within India has flights form main cities across India. Among the major International Airlines, we have Air India, Kingfisher, British Airways, Gulf Air, Singapore Airlines, Jet Airways, etc.

Contact Details of Major International Airlines

  • Air Canada (PHONE: 11/372-0014)
  • Air France (PHONE: 11/373-8004)
  • Air India (PHONE: 11/373-1225)
  • Alitalia (PHONE: 11/372-1006)
  • British Airways (PHONE: 11/332-7428)
  • Cathay Pacific (PHONE: 11/332-3332)
  • Gulf Air (PHONE: 11/332-4293)
  • Japan Airlines (PHONE: 11/332-4922)
  • KLM (PHONE: 11/335-7747)
  • Kuwait Airways (PHONE: 11/335-4373)
  • Lufthansa (PHONE: 11/332-3310)
  • Malaysian Airlines (PHONE: 11/332-4308)
  • Qantas (PHONE: 11/332-9027)
  • SAS (PHONE: 11/335-2299)
  • Singapore Airlines (PHONE: 11/332-6373)
  • Swissair (PHONE: 11/332-5511)
  • Thai Airlines (PHONE: 11/623-9133)
  • United Airlines (PHONE: 11/371-5550)

Rail: Indian Railways is the main mode of transportation to different parts of India. Indian railways, with its new look and organized network is being preferred by the tourists as well. Delhi is well connected to all cities in India. You can board a train from any place in India. Railway stations in Delhi include New Delhi Railway Station, Old Delhi Railway Station and Hazarat Nizamuddin Railway Station. Luxury trains like Fairy Queen, Palace on Wheels and Royal Orient Express depart from the Delhi Cantonment Railway Station. Other luxury trains like Rajdhani Express and Shatabdi Express leave the New Delhi Railway Station to major destinations across India.

Road: Roads and highways in India connect to the national capital and traveling by road is no more a difficult ride because the condition of roads has improved. Moreover, it is advisable to take a road route if you are traveling to Delhi from a distance less than 500 kms. Bus Terminals in Delhi have buses to major destinations in North India. One can find buses to important destinations across North India from Inter State Bus Terminal (ISBT), Sarai Kale Khan and Anand Vihar Bus Terminals.

Best Time to Visit

Delhi's climate is very much predictable with chilly weather from the month of December to January. The mercury level rises to a great extent from April to July and this is the peak summer season in Delhi. So, the best time to visit Delhi is during the month of February and March. This is the spring season in Delhi with new flowers blooming and the environment is full of greenery. Another preferred time is the period from August to November when the monsoon brings down the temperature of the city.