Connaught Place in New Delhi India
Connaught Place : The Heart of Delhi

Connaught place, also called as CP, is located at the heart of New Delhi. It was built in 1931. Connaught place happens to be the commercial hub of Delhi. It depicts the style of British architecture which was very planned and well structured. The glamour is still there and people love coming to CP for shopping and entertainment.

Markets and shops in Connaught place are structured in the form of rings comprising of inner and outer circle. Connaught place has been renamed as Rajiv Chowk. The British rule at that time thought that the circular structure of the market would be beneficial for both the shopkeepers and the shoppers. Connaught Place has been modeled after the Royal Crescent in Bath, England. Connaught place is easily recognized in the map of Delhi because it stands out like a circle with roads plying from many points on the circumference of the circular structure.

Connaught Place has always been the most sought after destination for both tourist as well as the resident population. You would find everything here, right from a grocery store to a car showroom. Connaught place has a PVR Cineplex which matches the best in the city. The restaurants, the cafes, the road side handicraft shops and the colorful crowd add to the glory of this very historic place. Any tourist traveling to India must visit the Connaught Place once. Connaught place has emporiums from every state of India. Connaught Place also has branches of major National and International banks, along with the offices of tours operators and airlines in India.

Shopping in Connaught Place

Connaught place provides the best resource to shop with a number of options available. Connaught place is surrounded by Panchkula Marg, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, Baba Khadak Singh Marg and Barakhamba Marg. The place is flooded with shops and marketing complexes where you will have every thing under one roof. It has been one of the most sought after shopping destinations of Delhi. The aura of the place and the unique specialty ensure that you don't return empty handed. Among the most popular items here in Connaught place, you can find imported electronic goods, sports items, books, household goods, handicrafts, etc. Connaught Place lures every visitor with its exotic design and shopping spur. Another specialty lies in the multi dimensional environment of the place where you would find hotels, restaurants, pubs, Bars, cinema halls and office of major establishments. The market is closed during Sundays and has special attraction in festival seasons. The most happening time to visit Connaught place is during evening when the crowd gathers to enjoy the exquisite evening with the bliss of having a wonderful shopping experience.

Dinning in Connaught place

Connaught place comprises of three circles; inner, outer and middle circles. Food lovers and gourmets find the place an ultimate destination which has variety and quality to offer. The outer circle would give a wonderful spree of restaurants and cafes. Outer circle includes renowned names like Braista Coffee Lounge, Ruby Tuesday, McDonalds, TGI Friday's, Nirulas and the famous Chatori Ghalli.

Markets in Connaught Place:

Main markets in and around Connaught place are Janpath and Palika Bazar. Janpath happens to be one of most important places where you would find latest fashion clothes and other goods that are popular in modern trend. Connaught Place is a major attraction for tourists and young generation who find the place an ideal shopping destination with latest fashion trends. Palika Bazar and Janpath happen to be the popular markets here, suiting all pockets and catering to the latest fashion trends.

Janpath: Shops in Janpath sell latest trendy clothes and fashionable items at cheap prices. These shops are very popular among foreigners who love buying Indian jewelry, handicrafts and other antique items. Having pointed out the specialty of these shops, it is imperative to mention the precaution one should take while buying anything from these shops. Shopkeepers in Janpath take advantage of the ignorance of foreigners about the price and quality of the market. Another specialty lies in the state emporiums from different Indian states. Handicrafts lovers would find the place an ideal destination for Handicrafts goods. Apart from trendy shops, Janpath has cafes and restaurants serving delicious food.

Palika bazaar is also very popular which has always attracted tourists for its unique peculiarity of a wonderful shopping experience under one roof. The underground market is located in the inner circle of Connaught Place which can be reached from any point on the circumference of the inner circle.

The specialty lies in its underground structure and the shops, who sell almost every thing a normal buyer would want to buy for his/her daily need and fashion. You can say that the place fulfills every shopping need. The market is ideally suited for shopping in summer and also in winters because people are saved from sprawling heat and cold respectively. It is famous for electronic goods, fashionable clothes, perfumes, leather goods, photography equipments, etc. The underground market has cafes and small eateries where you can enjoy some good snacks while you shop. The garden above the market is an ideal place to meet and date your friends. Spending some time in the garden really makes you feel good as it has a beautiful view of Connaught Place. With the advent of Metro service to Connaught Place, the market has regained its charm among youngsters who were shifting to latest malls and other shopping destinations.

Shopping at Palika bazaar needs some bargaining experience because at the first say they generally ask for a much higher price and anybody can be bowled by them. So, it is important that you bargain well and look for the authenticity of the goods. Palika Bazaar is famous for electronic goods and people visit the market for buying CDs of new movie releases and songs. The market is a big station for pirated CDs of Indian movies. Police have often raided the place for selling these pirated movie CDs and some porn stuffs that are one of the prime features of the market. Most of these goods are pirated and smuggled from other countries. So, one should be careful while shopping here in Palika Bazaar.

Parking in Connaught Place

Parking at Connaught Place is a big problem with so many vehicles lined up for parking space. However, there is an underground parking in place but with the increasing number of vehicles in the city, it has become very difficult for the authorities to manage the traffic. With the new plan of NDMC, things are expected to get better and also the running of Delhi Metro to Connaught Place has lessened the traffic to a great extent. Parking here is very expensive which means you will have to spend a few bucks to park your vehicles. Palika parking is a good option at present which is under plans of renovation which would have multi-level parking space. At the moment it is the only place where you can have your vehicles parked with a few other empty spots in and around CP.