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7-Common Mistakes in a Resume

Your Resume is one of the most important documents you would write in your career. Mistakes in your Resume could therefore cost you dearly. Here are some common errors to be avoided while writing your Resume:

Typo errors: Spelling mistakes can leave a poor impression. So have your Resume proof read by someone to remove such errors.

Factual mistakes: Incorrect tenure in an organization, faulty name, chronology of experience, can all lead to misunderstandings.

Long flowing sentences: This distracts the scanning eyes of a recruiter due to the limited time they allot to reading Resumes.

Formatting: The size & type of font chosen can have an impact on the readability.

Incorrect contact information: This being the second most critical data after your experience & skills must be correctly presented. Mention both present & permanent addresses with direct contact numbers.

Lack of objective/focus: Unclear objectives can leave a recruiter guessing which field or type of job you are interested in. A great objective statement clearly defines your career goal aligned with the job you are targeting for.

Length: The resume should be descriptive enough to explain what your key skills are, yet short enough to retain interest of the recruiter.

Keep these tips in mind to develop a Resume that gives you interview calls.