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Delhi being the capital of India is the main gateway to India and is connected with world's major cities. International flights from all over the world fly to Delhi's international airport. Delhi has an international and a domestic airport to manage the air traffic of International and domestic flights.

Delhi - Important Information


12.8 million


1483 sq km


Hindi, English, Punjabi

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Connectivity of Delhi to and from major cities in India makes it an ideal to place to visit and relocate. Business, education, IT and ITES have flourished in Delhi at a brisk rate with the graph ever increasing. Interstate road connectivity from Delhi to neighboring states like Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab, Uttranchal (Uttrakhand), and Himachal Pradesh makes commuting an easy ride.

Delhi government has special cell which looks into the tourism aspect of the city. You can have all the information needed regarding tourist's destination and major sites within Delhi. There are private tour and travel operators within the city which would provide you cheap and quality services. Online portals on Delhi also provide information on Delhi Tourism where you can also book or plan your travel in advance.

Delhi Basics

Time: GMT +5.5.

Electricity: 240 volts, 50Hz. A variety of power outlets are used in India, but most plugs have two or three round pins.


The currency is the Rupee (INR), which is divided into 100 paisa.
Major currencies can be changed at banks, and authorized bureaus de change. It is impossible to obtain rupees outside India, but no matter what time you arrive in India there will be an exchange office open at the airport. It is illegal to exchange money through the black market and it is advisable to refuse torn notes, as no one will accept them apart from the National Banks.
It is advisable to keep and tender money into small denominations. Travelers cheque and major credit cards are widely accepted everywhere in the city whether it is shopping complexes, hotels, restaurants or a retail outlets.

Language: Delhi is a cosmopolitan city where you would find people from all over India. Hindi is the official and widely spoken language in Delhi, followed by Punjabi. However, English happens to be the official language for Business and official purposes. Urdu is the common language being spoken in Muslim community. There are sixteen other languages which are spoken by people from different parts of India.

Entry requirements for Americans: United States citizens must have a valid passport and a visa.

Entry requirements for Australians: Australians require a valid passport and a visa.

Entry requirements for South Africans: South Africans require a valid passport and a visa.

Entry requirements for Irish nationals: Irish citizens require a valid passport and a visa.

Entry requirements for New Zealand nationals: New Zealand citizens require a valid passport and a visa.

Entry requirements for UK nationals: British citizens must have a valid passport and a visa.

Entry requirements for Canadians: Canadians require a valid passport and a visa.

Passport/Visa Note: A valid passport and visa is required by all for entry to India, unless they hold a PIO (Person of Indian Origin) Card. Some parts of the country are restricted areas and require a special permit. Travelers planning to go to the far northwest of the country or to the islands should check with India Tourism for the latest information.

US Embassy or Consulate: United States Embassy, New Delhi: +91 (0)11 2419 8000

UK Embassy or Consulate: British High Commission, New Delhi: +91 (0)11 2687 2161

Canadian Embassy or Consulate: Canadian High Commission, New Delhi: +91 (0)11 4178 2000

Australian Embassy or Consulate: Australian High Commission, New Delhi: +91 (0)11 4139 9900

South African Embassy or Consulate: South African High Commission, New Delhi: +91 (0)11 2614 9411

Embassy or Consulate in US: Indian Embassy, Washington DC, United States: +1 202 939 7000

Embassy or Consulate in UK: Indian High Commission, London, United Kingdom: +44 (0)20 7836 8484

Embassy or Consulate in Canada: Indian High Commission, Ottawa, Canada: +1 613 744 3751

Embassy or Consulate in Australia: Indian High Commission, Canberra, Australia: + 61 (0)2 6273 3999

Embassy or Consulate in South Africa: Indian High Commission, Pretoria, South Africa: +27 (0)12 342 5392

Facts and Figures


1,483 sq km


28.38° N


77.13° E


293 m above sea level

Total Population

1, 38, 50,507


76, 07,234


62, 43,273

Density (Per Sq. km)


Sex Ratio (per 1000 Males)


Literacy Rate (%) Persons


Literacy Rate (%) Males


Literacy Rate (%) Female


Birth Rate (per 1000)


Death Rate (per 1000)


Infant Mortality Rate (per 1000)


Per Capita Income


Gross Domestic Product

478 billion INR (2005)


45 degree (max), 5 degree (min)

Time Zone

IST (UTC+5:30)


Hindi, English, Punjabi

STD Code


Postal Code


Vehicle Code



Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian