Five Star Hotels in Delhi
Five Star Hotels in Delhi
Five star hotels in delhi
These brand hotels offer world class, sophisticated and unique services and amenities.
Five Star Hotels in Delhi
facilities in 5-star hotels
These hotels offer amenities like a range of varied restaurants and other recreational facilities etc..
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When it comes to tourism, Delhi has something for everyone. Explore the tourist destinations in Delhi
Hotels in Delhi

Delhi's exotic lifestyle is all about its culture, people, tradition, demography and the hospitality. India as a country and a nation is proud to be a tourism friendly destination with hospitality at its best. People here are willing to serve their guests with nice welcome gesture and devotion.

Delhi has hotels and tourist accommodation all across the city providing cheap and best service. Hotels in Delhi suit all pockets where a visitor has a number of options to choose from. For people habitual of a luxurious lifestyle, Delhi has five star and three star hotels offering quality service. There are many low budget hotels in Pahar Ganj area of New Delhi which is flooded with hotels. Tourists from around the country find this place a suitable option because of its vicinity to New Delhi railway station and Central Delhi.

Before arriving to Delhi, one can book hotels in advance. This can be done through phone, fax or e-mail. There are tours and travel operators in the city who will take care of your requirements.

However, one should be very aware of his/her requirements during the stay in the city. You should opt for a hotel which provides optimum solution to your needs.

Normally, your initial thoughts when you start planning to get to any place are:

Vicinity of the hotel with Airports and Railway Stations

Does the hotel provide airport pick up?

Can I get a good and luxurious accommodation at a cheap rate?

Alternative option to crowded Paharganj locality

Does the hotel provide tours and guide services?

These are some of the common concerns that come into mind before choosing a service. We have made sure that you get relevant information needed to opt for the best available service.

Where to Stay?

Delhi offers a wide variety of accommodation options to its visitors. There is luxury at your disposal as well as budget accommodations at unimaginable low prices. All you need to do is to be well informed before entering into any kind of hotel deal or accommodation deal for staying purpose.

Delhi is very high on luxury as it has some of the best hotels known throughout the entire world under its ambit. Taj Palace is one such example. Falling into the category of luxury hotels it is the boutique hotel and gives an array of luxurious services to its guests. Next is Hotel Grand, another hotel falling in the luxury segment and offering acute luxury to its guests. Hotel Imperial, The Park Hotel, The Taj Mahal Hotel, Hotel Hyatt Regency, and many more are on the charts of Delhi when you are looking for acute luxury in the vicinities of the city of Delhi.

However, if you belong to a penny pincher’s category, there is still ample of accommodation options in the heart of Delhi. As the station, which joins the city of Delhi to other stations, New Delhi Railway Station, is surrounded by accommodation options, there is no dearth of budget accommodations in this area particularly. You can find scores of budget hotels in this area with good opportunity to interact with the local culture as well. As the city of Delhi is known for high economic activity, the city of Delhi is having no dearth when it comes to surrendering luxury at the price termed as ‘budget’. Just look at the amenities of which you are always sure if it is a budget accommodation in the city of Delhi; you are always sure to get well furnished rooms with decent bath rooms, air con rooms as per your requirement or you can go for air coolers, 24 hours room service in almost all the cases, tour and travel assistance, telephone in every room, and hot an cold water options when it comes to bathing.