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Anand Vihar Railway Station in Delhi

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Located in the region of East Delhi, Anand Vihar Railway Terminal is one of the important railway stations of Delhi. It is spread in an area of 42 hectares and expected to be one of the largest and modern railway stations in upcoming years. After the completion of entire construction, the railway station has initially run two trains named as Jalpaiguri Express and Farakka Express. There are a number of trains that railway station is running at present and connects various stations including Delhi to Varanasi, Jogbani and Motihari. The station code of Anand Vihar Railway Station is ANVR. It is the first station where the station has its separate engine maintenance depot.

With a long period of being fully operational, at present the regular trains from Anand Vihar Railway Station that runs according their schedule are as named as Anand Vihar Varanasi Garib Rath from Anand Vihar (ANVR) to Varanasi Junction (BSB), Seemanchal Express from Anand Vihar (ANVR) to Jogbani (JBN), Anand Vihar Motihari Garib Rath from Anand Vihar (ANVR) to Motihari (MKI), and Varanasi Anand Vihar Garib Rath from Varanasi Junction (BSB) to Anand Vihar (ANVR).

As the railway station is fully operational therefore it enables the travellers to have benefit of all facilities including booking office, booking counters, cloak rooms, reservation halls, toilets, waiting halls with facilities for handicapped passengers, separate arrival and departure areas, parcel and luggage office, operational and service accommodation and parking areas, commercial and maintenance offices, ATMs, a touch-screen enquiry system, foreign exchange counters, food plazas, and a computerized ticketing facility. Retiring rooms and dormitories will also be provided in the station building.

These facilities enable the travellers to make their journey comfortable whenever they travel from one place to another. With the help of advance technology and its benefits, the modern terminals has got changed a lot and therefore it has subways, a 60-train strong maintenance yard, food courts, a separate parcel-loading centre, touchscreens and specialized reservation counters. Along with these facilities, it is also keep it in mind to keep the platforms neat and clean and practice is perfectly to make it an ideal railway station where visitors can feel good while travelling from here

Apart from these facilities, nearby the station there is a popular bus terminal located that is named as Anand Vihar ISBT, which is nicely connected with the railway station and enables the passengers to take right bus for them to continue their onward journey. With this bus terminal, people can take buses for Delhi and NCR and other neighboring cities. The buses that runs from here is comfortable and connects most of the surrounding regions of city. The railway station is also connected with the Anand Vihar Metro Station, so travellers who want to save their time and money can also travel through the Delhi metro.

With the advancement and numbers of facilities, Anand Vihar Railway Station in near future will be one of the best and modern railway terminals of India from where everyone would like to travel. So, passengers keep travelling from here and also cooperate the railway authority to maintain its neatness and other facilities keep performing well.


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