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The Garden of Five Senses in Delhi is a major attraction which allures large number of tourists. it is not just a park, but has a wide space with lots of activities, inviting more and more interactive public interaction and exploration. This whole project has been developed by Delhi Tourism Transportation Development Corporation.

The twenty-acre site is located at Said-Ul-Azaib village which is near to the Mehrauli heritage area and is extremely spectacular. It’s an amazing and majestic rocks stand silhouetted against the beautiful blue sky.

Soaring stainless-steel birds all mounted on slate-clad pillars attracts lots of people from all across the country into the park. An expansive plaza which has been set on the natural slope of the site, invites people who come up for the spiral walkway here at the garden. Apart from this, a troop of elephants, an architect cut in stone and on the other side, regaling in water bath and tempts exploration at the site.

Due to its wide area, the garden itself is divided into varied distinct areas. On one side of its serene spiral walkway is the Khas Bagh, a formal garden has the proper pattern on the lines of the Mughal Garden which is another major attraction.

Slow-moving water cascades in varied channels all along its length, while beautiful flowering, shrubs and trees line its paths. Encapsulating an expression here is the beautiful sculpture of ‘A Fountain Tree”.

There are numerous Colour Gardens and is a beautiful compositions of flowering shrubs and all around ground covers. Nestled amongst the pure natural slope of this site is the outstanding amphitheatre which has been divided with blocks of sandstone to serve as the best place for seating. At the rear of the garden has an open exhibition area for displaying perfect example of art and for holding various art workshops.

Here, there are two hundred varieties of plants which one can see. There are extremely large areas where all the existing vegetation consisting mainly of trees which include local Kikar and the thorny Ber bush, which has been left untouched.

The Garden has been varied designed to the imagery that has been suggested by the name Garden of Five Senses. Combination of Colour, fragrances, texture and varied form all come together in an amazing evocative bouquet that known for awakening the mind to the beauty of so many people’s life. It invokes a blissful prayer for the gift of all the four senses that is sight, sound, touch, smell and taste.


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