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Located in Chanakyapuri in New Delhi, the National Rail Museum is one-of-its-kind museums in Asia with an interesting and varied collection of rare and antique steam locomotives, carriages, and other railway artifacts. Inaugurated on 1st February 1977, the National Rail Museum in New Delhi focuses on the rail heritage of India.

The National Rail Museum is spread across 11 acres of land including indoor and outdoor exhibits. One can ride a toy train that takes you around its sites. The National Rail Museum in New Delhi also houses the world’s oldest operational steam locomotive, the Fairy Queen, built in 1855, which was certified by the Guinness Book of World Records.

This heritage National Museum holds 140 years old momentous past that can be relived amidst its vintage collection. The unique collection available here includes 26 vintage locomotives, 17 carriage and saloons. This museum also has the four-wheeled saloon used by the Prince of Wales (Edward VII) in 1876 and the Maharaja of Mysore’s saloon of teak, gold and ivory.

The National Rail Museum has been a source of fascination and interest for everyone attracted in Railway locomotives and accessories. The indoor gallery of the National Rail Museum comprises of displays of various exhibits, models, records, photographs, coat of arms, documents etc., whereas the outdoor displays include engines, locomotives, carriages and so on. The Natioinal Rail Museum offers visitors an exciting journey into the Railway history and heritage. The museum contains live exhibits as well as working and non-working models of engines and locomotives.

The main exhibits of the National Rail Museum include: the Fairy Queen built in 1855, the Patiala State Monorail built in 1907, and Fire Engine built in 1914. Other interesting exhibits in the museum are namely, Saloon of Prince of Wales, Saloon of Maharaja of Indore, Saloon of Maharaja of Mysore, Electric Locomotive Sir Leslie Wilson, Electric Locomotive Sir Roger Lumley, Crane Tank, Kalka Shimla Rail Bus, Matheran Rail Car No 8899, Fireless Steam Locomotive, Steam Locomotive A -885 HASANG, Steam Locomotive X -373885, MG Diesel SR 203 ( Fowler Diesel ), Electric Locomotive YCG -E1/21900 and Betty Tramways (Fowler Diesel).

Timings of National Rail Museum are from 9:30 am to 7:00 pm in summer and 9:30 am to 5:00 pm in winters on all days except Mondays.


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