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Karim Hotel at Chandni Chowk in Delhi

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Tradition of Delectable Delicacies in Karim’s

The Mughals would have never dreamt of their cooks (of all the people), to the flag-bearers of one of the most important and interesting part of their history – the very spicy and rich Mughlai cuisine!

If you talk of Mughlai food in Delhi, there are hundreds of eating places, some good, some better and some average. But if you want your taste buds to be treated royally and the aroma of rich Indian spices creates magic in your senses, then there is one address where you should be heading straight to; and that is Karim’s. We are sure you have heard of this, and know what we are talking about.

Cooking royal food is the hereditary profession of Karim’s. Right from the times of Babur, the ancestors of the present generation of Karim’s have accompanied the Mughal Emperors. The fact stated is enough to explain the expertise these cooks had, that made even the warriors a slave of the delicious cuisines cooked, and that the recipe have been passed onto the present generations.

The end of this prestigious royal employment came to an end during the year of mutiny 1857, when the last Mughal King Bhadur Shah Zafer was dethroned. The Karim’s ancestors fled from the Lal Qila and took shelter in the vicinity now called Farukhnagar, to save themselves from the fury of the British. They lived there in disguise trying the different types of livelihood, simultaneously, but the father never forgot to infuse the fine art of cooking the “royal Food” in his son.

In 1911, when Delhi Durbar was held for the coronation of the King Eeorge V, Haji Karimuddin moved back to Delhi with an innovative idea of opening a Dhaba to cater the people coming from all over India to join the coronation. Haji Karimuddin started the Dhaba selling just two items of Alu Gosht and Daal served with Rumali Roti.

In 1913, Haji Karimuddin Established the Karim Hotel in Gali Kababian, Jama Masjid, Delhi saying, “I want to earn fame and money by serving the royal food to the common man”.

Today, the fourth generation is running the show the with Karim Hotels Pvt. Ltd. At Jama Masjid, a Restaurant called Dastar Khawan-E-Karim at Nizamuddin West New Delhi.


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