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Transport in Delhi

Delhi Transport Corporation or the DTC is the main transportation medium in Delhi.

DTC buses run all through the city including the national Capital Region (NCR).

DTC is the world’s largest compressed natural gas bus service.


When it comes to tourism, Delhi has something for everyone. Explore the touris destinations in Delhi


When it comes to tourism, Delhi has something for everyone. Explore the tourist destinations in Delhi


When it comes to tourism, Delhi has something for everyone. Explore the tourist destinations in Delhi

Since many decades, Delhi Transport Corporation or the DTC is considered as the main transportation of Delhi. It is definitely the life line of many commuters. The bus that runs under DTC covers entire Delhi along with National Capital Region (NCR). Since its inception in the year 1984, the DTC buses run through the compressed natural gas bus service i.e. CNG, which certainly controls the pollution. In order to provide wider choice of buses and better travelling service, there are some private blue line services are controlled by diverse private companies. So, commuters can easily travel in all across Delhi and NCR.

In order to meet the need of travellers, Delhi being the popular metro Politian city comes up with fast, effective and reliable transportation system with the metro feeder buses. The advent of Delhi metro service has made the commuting easier, smooth and efficient for the travellers. Prior to the metro service, the event of Commonwealth Games has brought good public transport service which include new luxury AC buses that meant for improving the public transport facilities. These buses have made the journeys easier in summers due to their AC facilities. Some of the public transport those travellers uses are as follows:

DTC Buses

DTC being the most popular means of transportation, serves a number of buses on diverse routes and bring ease for the travellers to commute all through the day and night. The DTC buses connect the periphery of Delhi which even connects to neighboring states, inter-state buses at the popular bus terminals of Delhi. The major terminals from where people can easily get buses for the Delhi and inter-state are ISBT and Anand Vihar. These terminals enable the visitors to board buses for Uttranchal, Punjab, Haryana, and Jammu & Kashmir.

White Line Buses

The White Line buses are one of the sources of transportation which is handled by the private hands. These buses stops at limited bus stands and take less time for travelling. The fare of the travelling is fixed no matter the distance the travellers covers. These buses are somehow to the Blue Line Buses of government, but they don’t have quite good seats and numbers of stoppage, so it leaves the travellers with some expected and unexpected experiences.

DTC Green Buses

The DTC green buses are the charm of the city after all they are the new addition in the fleet of DTC buses and quite comfortable and attractive. The best quality of these low floor buses is that it has high capacity to load number of passengers and provide comfortable journey as well. There are many semi-low-floor buses and low floor buses that were in limelight during the 2010, Commonwealth Games.

DTC Red AC Buses

Perfectly runs over diverse directions of Delhi, the DTC Red AC buses are quite appealing and leave travellers with comfortable experience of travelling. The AC of the Red buses is at pleasant temperature that suits to every passenger. On the other hand, its black glasses enable the travellers to witness outside sitting inside the bus. The travelling through this red floor AC bus is a bit more comfortable than the green low floor buses. The charges of the AC bus service range from Rs 10 to Rs 25 as per the kilometers. So, travellers must enjoy the journey thoroughly by paying a bit extra.

Charted Bus Service

There are a number of bus agencies that brings the ease of taking the chartered bus service. There are many people in Delhi who avail the service of the modern and newest fleet of buses. The chartered buses of Delhi serve as the tour buses, mini buses, school buses and around various coaches in all over Delhi. Many people take the service of these buses to remain away from the crowded busses and their hassles. So, travellers for their daily commuting or tour purpose can hire these buses and make the travel comfortable.

Delhi Metro

The emergence of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has become the lifeline of the city as like the buses. Thus, people at present time feel very comfortable in reaching various destinations that include North Delhi, East Delhi, Central Delhi, West Delhi, South Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida. The journey becomes more comfortable when the travellers get the quick service of every metro line. Delhi metro has truly paid a major role in improving the transportation service.

Cabs and Car Rental service in Delhi

Distance of one location to other location of the city is the main hindrance, thus car rental service enables the visitors or daily commuter to book the car for their further journey and get relaxed. The car and cab service of Delhi is quite quick and it enables the travellers to quickly reach the desired destinations at affordable prices. These cabs are luxurious, comfortable and perfectly maintained. These car rental services are even available for Delhi Airport. Thus, travellers have a wide range of choices to choose from the luxury cars, standard cars, small cars etc. There are some Radio cabs are also available that are only operational within Delhi. The service of these cabs and car rental service assures the vacationers for comfortable and affordable travelling. These car rental services can be availed even by the internet and mobile application service no matter what’s the location is. The service provider sends the car at your doorsteps, so it is quite easy for the travellers to commute from here to there.

Now, it is very clear to the travellers that commuting from one place to other in Delhi and NCR is easy for the guests, as the transportation system offers a wide range of choices to make the travel easier. So, traveling in Delhi has become quite comfortable to the travellers who visit from other states or abroad. Thus, travellers need not to worry about the travelling, get any of these travelling services and make your travel comfortable and easier.`