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or a sports loving person, Delhi is an ideal place to live in and have your sports hobbies fulfilled. Delhi has good facilities in sports like tennis, cricket, hockey and football.

There are training academies, clubs and district teams that get maximum exposure to compete with world standards.


When it comes to tourism, Delhi has something for everyone. Explore the touris destinations in Delhi


When it comes to tourism, Delhi has something for everyone. Explore the tourist destinations in Delhi


When it comes to tourism, Delhi has something for everyone. Explore the tourist destinations in Delhi

Sports in Delhi

People who love sports, the capital city Delhi is well-known as an ideal destination to live in and have all your sports hobbies accomplished. The capital city Delhi has numerous good facilities in sports such as tennis, cricket, hockey and football. Here one can find numerous activities such as training academies, clubs and other numerous district teams that attain most of the exposure to compete with all the world standards.

Sports in Delhi can’t be say that has all the world standards but it surely has all the important facilities that are assisting young talents to groom. Sports facilities in Delhi involve stadium and all the important training academies for famous sports in the country like Cricket, Golf, Tennis, Soccer, basketball, Badminton, Swimming and so on. Delhi has had the privilege and pure honour of inaugurating the first and the ninth Asian Games in the year 1851 and 1982 respectively. After that, it has once again got the opportunity to host the mega sports event famously known as the Commonwealth games 2010. This will be the first time when the country is hosting such a giant event after Asian games. Commonwealth games 2010 would be considered as the second occasion when these events taking place in the Asia.

Delhi has numerous sports complexes in and all around Delhi which is now being run and well-maintained by DDA. There are sports facilities such as golf, tennis, soccer, basketball, cricket, swimming and many others in the capital city. Siri Fort sport complex is quite famous in the country and offers all the best of facilities. Other new stadiums in the capital city are coming up in Delhi which will be further used in the Commonwealth games 2010. There are several other clubs and sports complexes in varied parts of the city whose membership varies from all the corporate membership to temporary membership.

While talking of sports in the country, if we are leaving behind cricket then it won’t be justice to the actual justice to the sentiments of millions of people in the country. Also, cricket deserves the 100% accreditation it receives because this game has given the country a lot of prestige and fame. Also, cricket is now being treated as a hardcore religion in India with all the major corporate brands depending on major cricket icons for their famous advertising campaigns. The very simple example of popularity of cricket can be judged by the very common fact that when you get up early in the morning and one can find children in the streets playing at every possible space accessible. The so called maidans in Delhi are filled with all the well-talented grooming talents who are trying their hands in the much loved sport of the country.

Delhi’s only and the most famous international venue is Firoz Shah Kotla that has been the host of numerous historic clashes all between top cricket playing nations of the world. It has had the extreme honour of hosting the first ever test match in the post-independent country when the touring West Indies under John Goddyard who visited India in the year 1948. The stadium has its name after the honour of hosting one of the most historic clashes between India and Pakistan where famous cricketer Anil Kumble made a world record by taking all of the ten wickets of Pakistan in an inning.

No one can deny the actual fact that cricket is the most famous and popular game in the country but it also includes other sports as well which are soccer, tennis, golf, badminton, swimming, kart racing, weightlifting and table tennis. All of them are now becoming more and more popular day by day.