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Tenants in Delhi to get Free Electricity

Tenants Delhi Free Electricity

Free Electricity for Tenants in Delhi

Tenants in Delhi can now apply for installation of prepaid power meters at their rented accommodation. They can avail the scheme by submitting copies of either rent agreement or rent receipts along with a proof of residence. The scheme will allow tenants to avail benefits of free electricity up to 200 units as well as subsidy for consumers using 200- 400 units per month.

Tenants, who comprise of over half of the Delhi’s population of over 2 crore as per the government estimates, will also be eligible to get prepaid power meters placed at rented accommodation which will provide electricity at subsidized prices. Under this scheme, tenants will be able to avail the benefits of free electricity up to 200 units as well as the subsidy for users consuming 200-400 units per month. The meters will be installed only on domestic consumer properties, as per Delhi Government. These electricity meters will also have stickers heading the name of the scheme.

Customer Helpline Numbers for Installation of Prepaid Electricity Meters

Electricity Board Phone Number
BSES Yamuna 19122
BSES Rajdhani 19123
Tata Power 19124

Documents Required

“Tenants, so far, were not able to get a separate power supply meter installed at their premises because it was necessary for them to take a no-objection certificate (NOC) from the property owners to get an independent electric meter connection. Tenants will now get a electricity meter using any of these documents: rent  agreement or receipt or any identity card. Electricity bills for consumption up to 200 units are excused from paying the bill and if the consumption is between 201 to 400 units, half the subsidy is being provided.

The cost of these electricity meters will be the same as incurred by property owners applying for normal domestic power supply connections in Delhi. There are two kinds of tenants in Delhi: those who live in flats or properties which already have power connections and those who do not have such electricity supply connections before. The purpose of this scheme is to provide benefits to this other category of tenants who live in separate dwelling units at the same property, such as those belonging to the lower middle class, especially at unauthorized colonies in Delhi.

Currently There might be only one power meter for properties with many tenants, which results in high power unit consumption and further leads to “high electricity bills”.

Beneficial for Property Owners too

Presently, the landlord charges tenants Rs 8 – 10 per unit. With separate electricity connections, many tenants will now get free electricity. On the other hand, the landlord is also likely to get the benefit of subsidy on unit consumption for up to 400 units. The scheme is beneficial to the tenant as well as to the landlord.

Tenants will be able to reclaim the security amount of Rs 3,000  when they vacate the property they had rented. New tenants will also have the option to renew these prepaid power connections installed earlier as and when they take the same property on rent.

News Source – Delhi tenants to get free electricity up to 200 units


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