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Ticketing Information – Delhi Metro

Delhi Metro Fare Tokens Tickets


1. Maximum permissible time limit to stay within Metro system and fare:

65 minutes : Fare upto Rs 30/- (Rs 20/-)*  100 minutes : Fare upto Rs 40/- (Rs 30/-)*
180 minutes : Fare upto Rs 60/- (Rs 50/-)* 20 minutes : Entry & Exit from same station after 20 minutes (Rs 10/- per
hour or its part & maximum up to Rs 50/-will be charged from passenger.)

2. Please show your travel card/token at the entry gate for the opening of flaps. Drop your token at the exit gate for the opening of flaps.

3. Please ensure that every entry on a travel card is followed by a valid exit from the DMRC system. In case of there is a mismatch penalty will be taken as per DMRC Business Rule.

4. Carrying token beyond exit gate after completion of journey is a punishable offence. Passenger is liable to pay a fine of Rs 200/-

5. The refund of unused token can be taken within 60 minutes of its purchase from purchasing station only.

6. No token will be issued to passenger after last token sale time displayed at station.

7. In case there is a entry and exit from same station, Rs 10/- will be charged.

Note : The Special discounted fare are indicated by Red Color and will be applicable on Sunday and National Holidays i.e Republic Day, Independence Day and Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday only.

Fare Products


Cards can be used for multiple journeys.
Cards are of two types: Store Value Card & Tourist Card
Only one person can travel on one card at a time.

Store Value Card

Most convenient for the frequent users.
Store value cards are available @150/- (50/-Security Deposit, 100/-add value)
In which minimum add value of 200/- and thereafter in multiple of 100/-can be done at
Customer Care Centre & Minimum add value of 100/- and thereafter in multiple of 50/-can be done through Ticket Vending Machines.
Maximum Add Value can be done upto 3000/-


10% discount is being given on each journey performed by Smart Card.
Additional discount@ 10 % is being given to commuters using Smart Card who
enters in the DMRC system during Off-Peak hours i.e. up to 07:59 hrs from
start of revenue service, from 12:00 hrs to 16:59 hrs and from 21:00 hrs till
the closing of revenue services.
The additional discount will be available on weekdays i.e from Monday to
Saturday except National holidays i.e 26 January, 15 August & 2 October
Additional discount will be given in addition to 10% regular discount being offered on Smart Cards


Ten year from the date of last add value made

Tourist Card

For unlimited number of rides/travel
Two types of cards are available.
Card having ONE day validity: 200/- (50/-Security Deposit, 150/- Traveling Value)
Card having THREE day validity: 500/-(50/-Security Deposit, 450/- Traveling Value)
Only one person can travel on one card at a time. * Refundable Security Deposit.

Note: Tourist Card issued from Metro Stations is not valid in Airport Line Stations.


For single journey use only.
Only one person can travel on one token at a time.

Other Services

Customer Care Assistance for :

  • Fare enquiry
  • Fare adjustment
  • For help to Persons with disabilities
  • For Emergency situation
  • For Security related problems
  • For sale, add value, refund and cancellation of tickets

Complaint and Suggestion book is available at Customer Care Centre

Ticket Counters

For sale of tickets

Ticket Reader cum Add Value Machine

  • Use this reader to check available balance and validity of your card or token
  • Validate recharged amount paid through online/web Paytm, SMS, Business Correspondent etc.

Facility for Persons with Disabilities at Metro Station

For Wheel Chair bound commuters

  • Dedicated Parking near entrance of Station.
  • Wide Lift gates from ground level to Platform or vice-versa.
  • Lift with Mirror, Handrail, easily accessible control Buttons and telephone for any emergency.
  • Wide AFC gates for easily passing gate.
  • Ramp at change in level.
  • Earmarked space with railing/belt at each coach.
  • Special Toilet at every station.
  • Specially designed platform to avoid rolling of wheel chair.

For Visually Impaired commuters

  • Tactile path from Entrance to the coach and warning strip at Platform.
  • Braille lift buttons inside and outside the lift.
  • Travel related announcement in the train and station.
  • Chime and audio indication for train arrival at station.

For Hearing Impaired commuters

  • Directional informational and statutory singages at different level of station.
  • Dynamic displays giving travel related information in coach of train.


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