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Delhi Metro has extended its reach in urban villages of Najafgarh, this metro line (named as Grey Metro Line) presently would have three stations – Dwarka (inter change station on Blue Line network), Nangli and Najafgarh. With the openeing of this Metro Line, Delhi Metro network would now have stretch of 377 km with 274 stations as compared to 271 stations before including the stations on Noida Metro Aqua Line.

Area covered by this new Grey Line would be 4.3 km out of which 2.56 km would be elevated and 1.5 km would be underground. This track would total have Four Stations (Dhansa Bus Stand is the upcoming under construction station) ,the 1.18-km-long extension from Najafgarh to Dhansa bus stand is slated for completion by December 2020

The existing Dwarka metro station has been connected to the new station through an 80-metre passage linking the old station on Delhi Metro Blue Line to the new corridor. In order to accommodate the increased traffic of the area, an additional parking area will also be provided outside the metro station, which will adhere to the multi-modal integration (MMI) model.

The Najafgarh metro station will be the first train depot on the Delhi Metro network to have both standard and broad gauges. As compared to the broad gauge, the standard gauge is considered to be much more advanced as it enables low turning radius of trains for Metro trains. Dhansa Stand metro station has been designed as a four-level underground structure where the platform will be at the bottom at a depth of 21 metres, followed by a concourse and then an entire floor for parking above it. The roof will be at the ground level. This parking space will have ramps on two sides, to facilitate the entry and exit of vehicles, while the station will have two entry and exit facilities to connect the parking lot with the surface above and the platform below.

As Najafgarh is highly congested with limited parking space in the adjoining areas for local residents this Najafgarh Metro Station is considered to be infrastructural boost. This parking facility as considered to be a major design improvement as no other metro station has any such facility. Najafgarh Metro Station’s parking lot will span across 200 metres in length and 32 metres in width having a total area of about 64,000 square metres and will have a parking facility for over 130 cars. At this station, there will also be facility for property development activities at the ground level at a later stage.


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