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Delhi Metro Safety : Do’s & Dont’s

Delhi Metro Rules
Metro in Delhi

Delhi Metro is dedicated to provide the extremely high standards in overall safety to each passenger. With this in view, all the design and operations are properly done with a well safety margins.

Safe Escalators

Escalators have been well-equipped with various important safety devices to make sure the safety of passengers that involve proper protection against over speeding and detection of missing step and so on. To lessen the fire risk and improve safety a tray to assemble human hair, dust, water, oil and so on. has been given.

Moreover, there is a highly unique sari guard feature that deflects overall loose clothing (e.g. sari of ladies) from getting stuck or trapped in the escalator. And there are Emergency Stop Switches as well which prominently displayed at 3 major locations such as Bottom, Top and Centre.

Safe Coaches

Coaches have been well-designed for extreme comfort and all the safety purposes. Automatic door opening and then closing mechanism is designed with proper safety. And the important thing is that train cannot move unless all the doors are well closed and locked as well. And in case, if a door opens mistakenly or accidentally in the moving train, and brakes will also apply automatically then will bring the train to a halt as well.

  • Lessened fire risk due to inventive special design features and long lasting materials.
  • Emergency evacuation feature through proper emergency front door.
  • Facility for passengers that they can talk to driver in case of Emergency.
  • Provision for immediate Emergency announcements in the train by driver and also by the Operation Control Centre.
  • Easy communication between Operation Control Centre and driver.
  • Emergency illumination and proper ventilation in case if the power supply failure happens.


  • Do stand in proper queue.
  • You need to limit your baggage to 15 Kgs.
  • Do use the dustbins and keep clear the metro premises.
  • Do stand always on the left side of the escalators and in case moving you need to keep to the right.
  • Do move away from escalators after the use.
  • Do make your way for the physically challenged people.
  • Do remember that the train stops for the fixed time and that is upto 30 seconds only.
  • Do show your metro tickets to Metro personnel, when you asked to do so.
  • Do abstain from all the bad elements like drunken and unruly behaviour.
  • Do take care of your important things and valuables.
  • Do contact Metro Police for proper assistance and any kind of help.
  • Do contact female security personnel in case of any issues to ladies problem


  • Don’t bring any kind of eatables inside the station premises.
  • Don’t bring pets inside the Metro premises.
  • Don’t smoke.
  • Don’t carry any of the firearms.
  • Don’t travel without your smart card or metro token.
  • Don’t share your token or card with anyone.
  • Don’t cross the metro line on the platform.
  • Don’t try to step onto the Metro tracks.
  • Don’t try to travel on the roof of the train.
  • Don’t try to interrupt the closing of the doors or force the doors to open.
  • Don’t step on the Tactiles which are meant for the visually impaired people.
  • Don’t use the lift as it is meant for the physically challenged people.


  1. Is one kg of raw chicken not permitted in metro?. I was forbidden at I N A Delhi haat station by a senior lady officer at 06:45 pm on 13.09.2019

    • Dear Ashok

      There is a rule mentioned on Delhi Metro’s website, it is as follows :-
      “Don’t bring eatables inside the station premises.” More precisely, many a items including “Any decayed animal or vegetable matter” is prohibited.

      Also, Delhi Metro is a public transport. Due to the crowd in the metro it is prohibited for eating and drinking or carrying eatables, as well as it will keep the metro clean and more convenient to travel.


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