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North West Delhi District

North West Delhi

Known for its cluster residential areas, shopping avenues and other commercial and industrial establishments, North-West Delhi is one of the 11 administrative districts of Delhi. The district is bound in north by North Delhi district, on west by districts of Haryana, in south by West District and in the east by Central district.

Check out the map of North West Delhi district.

Area and Population

Spanning over an area of about 440 square kilometers, this district has a population base of about 3.6 million people as per 2011 Census.

This district is administratively divided into three sub-divisions- Kanjhawala, Saraswati Vihar and Rohini Sub-city with head office at Kanjhawala.

The district comprises of popular residential areas of Shalimar Bagh, Mangolpuri, Model Town and Rohini whereas there are industrial areas of Badli, Narela and Bawana in west, bordering Haryana.

The district is administered by the North Delhi Municipal Corporation.

Metro Lines in the North-West Delhi District

Green Line and Red Line of Delhi Metro Rail Network pass through this district. However, these networks do not connect to a major part of the district beginning from central to western parts of the district. This connectivity might be provided in future in next phase of Metro construction.

Rithala is the last station on Red Line and Brig. Hoshiar Singh is the last station on Green Line.

Western Peripheral Highway

Close to the western boundary of the district lies the Western Peripheral Highway in state of Haryana which connects Kundli to Palwal through Manesar, providing easy accessibility to this district. Construction of this highway has led to more development in the bordering areas of this district

Urban facilities

The residential areas of this district have all urban amenities, such as schools, hospitals, temples, parks and gardens. Commercial spaces having shops, offices and other building also exist within residential localities.

North-West Delhi District Areas and Pin Codes

Area Pin Code Area Pin Code
Adrash Nagar S.O 110033 Narela S.O 110040
Alipur S.O 110036 Naya Bans B.O 110082
Anandvas Shakurpur S.O 110034 Nimri S.O 110052
Ashok Vihar H.O 110052 Nirankari Colony S.O 110009
Auchandi B.O 110039 Nizampur B.O 110081
Badli S.O (North West Delhi) 110042 Onkar Nagar S.O 110035
Bakhtawar Pur B.O 110036 Palla B.O 110036
Bakoli B.O 110036 Pehlad Pur B.O 110042
Bankner B.O 110040 Pooth Kalan B.O 110086
Barwala B.O 110039 Pooth Kalan Resettlement S.O 110086
Bawana S.O 110039 Pooth Khurd B.O 110039
Begumpur B.O 110086 Power House S.O 110035
Bhalaswa B.O 110033 Prashant Vihar S.O 110085
Bhorgarh B.O 110040 Punjab Khor B.O 110081
Budh Vihar B.O 110086 Qutabagarh B.O 110039
Chand Pur B.O 110081 Rampura B.O 110035
Delhi Engg. College S.O 110042 Rani Bagh S.O 110034
Jahangir Puri H Block S.O 110033 Rani Khera B.O 110081
Jat Khore B.O 110039 Rithala B.O 110085
Jaunti B.O 110081 Rohini Courts S.O 110085
Kadipur B.O 110036 Rohini sec-11 S.O 110085
Kanjhawla S.O 110081 Rohini Sector 15 S.O 110089
Kanya Gurukul B.O 110040 Rohini Sector 5 S.O 110085
Karala B.O 110081 Rohini Sector-7 S.O 110085
Katewara B.O 110039 Sabhapur B.O 110094
Keshav Puram S.O (North West Delhi) 110035 Samai Pur S.O 110042
Khampur B.O 110036 Sarai Rohilla S.O 110035
Khera Kalan S.O 110082 Saraswati Vihar S.O 110034
Khera Khurd B.O 110082 Satyawati Nagar S.O 110052
Lad Pur B.O 110081 Shakur Basti Depot S.O 110056
Lampur B.O 110040 Shakur Pur I Block S.O 110034
Majra Dabas B.O 110081 Shakurbasti Rs S.O 110034
Mangolpuri A Block S.O 110083 Shalamar B.O 110088
Mangolpuri I Block S.O 110083 Shalimar Bagh S.O (North West Delhi) 110088
Mangolpuri N Block S.O 110083 Shastri Nagar S.O (North West Delhi) 110052
Mangolpuri S Block S.O 110083 Singhu B.O 110040
Maurya Enclave S.O 110034 Siraspur B.O 110042
Model Town II S.O 110009 Sri Nagar Colony S.O 110034
Model Town III S.O 110009 Sultanpuri B Block S.O 110086
Mubarak Pur Dabas B.O 110081 Sultanpuri C Block S.O 110086
Mukhmelpur B.O 110036 Sultanpuri F Block S.O 110086
N.S.Mandi S.O 110033 Tajpur Kalan B.O 110036
Nangal Poona B.O 110036 Wazir Pur III S.O 110052
Nangal Thakran B.O 110039


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