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The city located in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh and is also referred to as the “Gateway of UP”. Ghaziabad serves as the major administrative headquarters of the district with the same name and is also a main part of the National Capital Region (NCR) of Delhi. The city is a planned industrial city which is well-linked by both roadways and railways. The city is also an education hub for the whole western UP.

The city was firstly founded by the emperor Ghazi-ud-din in 1740 and was earlier named after him as Ghaziuddinnagar; however, the name was later changed to Ghaziabad. The city is situated at a distance of almost 19 km from the capital city Delhi and around 46 km from Meerut. Its geographical location is latitude at 280 40′ North and longitude at 770 25′ East side. The total area of the city is around 1933.3 sq. km. The city of Uttar Pradesh has been witnessing an outstanding industrial expansion since its inception. There are numerous manufacturing industries in the city which include industries for bicycles, glasswork, embroideries and paint. Some of the famous companies such as Bhushan Steels, Bharat Electronics Limited, Dabur and Rathi Alloys whose corporate houses are also located in Ghaziabad. Recently, there has been an amazing real estate boom in the whole city with the construction of numerous malls and skyscrapers. The development of this city can also be further noted with the recently proposed extension of the Delhi Metro Rail to the city linking it to the national capital.

There are also many of the notable education institutions in the city such as schools and colleges which offers the best education in diverse fields including humanities, science, engineering and management. Ghaziabad can also be easily reached via road, rail and air. There are various major attractions such as Gazi-ud-din’s mausoleum, Bazar Gate, Dudheshwar Nath Mandir, Sai Upvan and Garhmukteshwar. Shopping here can be a fun as there are numerous markets such as Gandhi Nagar market, Crawford Market, Big Bazaar, The Opulent Mall, R.E.D Mall, Pacific Mall, Sahibabad, East Delhi Mall and many more.

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