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Delhi has become the hub of business processes being outsourced by companies in the US and the UK.

The Western world condemns the outsourcing of call centre jobs to India.


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When it comes to tourism, Delhi has something for everyone. Explore the tourist destinations in Delhi


When it comes to tourism, Delhi has something for everyone. Explore the tourist destinations in Delhi

Delhi is not only known for its export units but now it has become a largest hub for business processes by outsourcing work to US and UK based companies. Outsourcing job of call centre has commended the western world where Indian employees want to work. Now-a-days many graduate people are working with Indian call centre by adopting western names. Indian writer Chetan Bhagat has also written a book named ‘One night at a call centre’ related to the life of people working in call centres after that a movie named ‘Hello’ has also released in the year of 2008 based on the same movie.

Delhi is surrounded with National Capital Region (NCR) where several call centre industry have set up. By establishing of call centres in the Delhi city opens up the opportunity for the people to get employed after their graduation. Eligible graduates across the country can easily apply in these call centres. With the development of call centres industry and BPO in the city, one can witness larger group of graduate people are speaking English fluently. Working culture and ambience of these call centres are differ as compare to other industries in Delhi. Employees can experience western culture while working with call centres as they have to interact with foreign customers via phone call. Call centres who are working for US or UK based companies usually works in night due to the time difference between the countries.

Graduate people love to work with call centres as these industries offer free meals, amazing working ambience, job incentives, free transportation, recreational actives in & around the office and even big parties to their employees. Apart of this employees sometimes face some health issues due to midnight shifts but better job opportunities in BPO encourages employees to stick with their job. Multinational companies such as GE Capital, British Airways, IBM, Dell Computers, JP Morgan Chase Bank, HSBC, Lehman brothers, Aviva insurance and many more wanted to expand their outsourcing business or some of these companies are already established their business in Indian market as the cost of recruiting skilled and professional employees are low as compare to US and UK. India is gaining large amount of revenues from these call centre industries.

Call centres first provide training to their employees because most of the people in India speaks the combination of Hindi English which is know as ‘Hinglish’. So, it is important for the call centre employees to overcome this barrier by taking better training for around 3 to 6 months to speak fluent foreign accent before starting work or taking call from foreign customers. Problem of language has improved from past few years with the development of international communication and travelling. Job profile in these call centres are quite monotonous and boring which is the biggest reason now people are choosing call centre as their career option.

People of US and UK are objecting that these outsourcing job in India lessen the job opportunities in their counties. Many political parties and people of that countries are also raising these outsourcing business issues in several US elections. Outsourcing business is growing more and more these days in India and opening many opportunities to the educated people of India. So, we can say that future of outsourcing business jobs are secure in India as it has become one of the largest contribution in growing the revue of country. These foreign multinational call centre and BPO industry has improved in current market scenario which also makes the place in globalisation and achieve economy for county as well.