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Delhi is a capital city surrounded by four states named as Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Rajasthan. Delhi is the place where people from all over the India live which tends to influence the lifestyle and ideas. With the presence of multi -ethnic and multi-culture, Delhi has become a cosmopolitan city where people of this city formal caste and creed live together. One can witness Unity in Diversity in every cultural and social gathering where people from all states share same platform and views. All festivals such as Diwali, Holi, Id, Buddha Purnima, Guru Purab and many more are celebrated with equal enthusiasms by different communities.

Delhi as a historic city has its own amazing and vibrant history which one can see in the past of the Mugal rule in India. Structures and architectures of the city are still presented here which was accepted by the people. Migration in the city has increase which makes the city more crowded as the population has increase over 14 million which is approximately 40 per cent more as compare from last decade. With the growing population Delhi has facing many other problems too which includes problem of traffic, electricity, accommodations, water and much more. As the population is increasing day by day in the city which demands more residential and commercial areas, so the adjoining regions of the city are developing highly for fulfilling commercial and commercial needs. National Capital Region (NCR) such as Noida, Gurgaon and Faridabad are the satellite cities which are located besides Delhi to assist the capital for providing more space for people.

Earlier there are local markets in the city where people use to shop but with the change of lifestyle the way of shopping also changed. Now, Delhi has new shopping malls and complexes where people can get every kind of items as per their requirements. Apart of shopping Delhi is also famous for its night life where people can find amazing night clubs and dance clubs. These clubs were open till late night where people can enjoy drinks, food and dance. High class dance clubs located in various five star hotels that include Maurya Sheraton (Ghunghroos), The Taj Palace (My Kind of Place), Hyatt Regency (Oasis), Park Hotel (Someplace Else) and Le Meridian (C.J.’s) are popular for the night life fun.

Delhi is not just the place to live but one can enjoy food, shopping, nightlife, etc. With the presence of numbers of restaurants and top class hotels one can get food of his/her own choice. If you have to go out to enjoy food then you can order your food which is equally of high quality from restaurants such as Nirulas, Pizza Hut, Mc Donalds and many more.

Young generation of the city loves to wear latest and trendy cloths while going to their colleges, market or out with their friends and family. According to western culture, the city is following modern lifestyle. Not only the modern lifestyle but the city and the people of city is following both traditional values with cultural lifestyle