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A Glimpse of What Life in Delhi is Like

Delhi, the city where ‘power’ resides,
Where fate of country its politicians decide,
Where a common streetman against the policeman overrides, 
Yes this is Delhi where cultures walk side by side.

The largest metropolitan area in India by area and second largest on by population, Delhi exudes vibrance arising out of amalgation of diverse cultures that originate from regions across the country and beyond.

The exuberance of the city is evident from this that girls cuter than Alia Bhatt and guys hunkier and smarter than Tiger Shroff can be spotted with ease on Delhi streets.


Where Do People Congregate

Being by far the favourite tourist spots India, people from all color and creeds coalesce here, just as the various ingredients of delectable Indian curries coalesce and blend into one succulent whole. People from every corner of the country can be found here. People from other countries, including backpacking budget tourists, have found the city to be of a large-hearted and welcoming type.

Ancient monuments are dispersed throughout the locality pockets in the city, each of which have their own ambience and specific endearing factor.  Historical structures like Red Fort, Qutub MinarHumayun Tomb , Dadi Poti Makhbara , Purana Qila, Jama Masjid, Sis Ganj Gurudwara attract thousands of visitors, many tourists many locals. Modern tourist spots like India Gate, Akshardham Temple, Rashtrapati Bhawan, the recently constructed War Memorial etc are also attraction points for many. The lawns around India Gate doubles up as picnic points for Delhi locals who visit the place with their families to enjoy an outdoor picnicking session with packed lunch or dinner.

People will be People

In Delhi, time waits for no one. People are seen to be always in a hurry and you are free to scratch your head as to the ‘why’ of this. This is one place where a gang of girls can outdo a similar gang of boys in how dangerous they can be.

Cute-er the girls, cute-er would be their language especially at street eating joints: “Bhai sahab zara aur alooz-pyaaz daalo, or, todha zyada tamatarzz dalna, or chholez aur de do bhiyaa etc (please add in more potatoes, onions, tomatoes or beans).” All these can be heard from lipstick-smeared mouths that are full and ruminating with salivating authentic Indian ‘fast-foods’. Well, everytime is eating time, and, everyone is hungry everytime. This is Delhi for you.

Delhi Lifestyle

Attitude Running Amok

As in most cities of political significance in the country, attitudes on the streets run amok in Delhi, only its much more pronounced here. “Janta nahi mein kaun hoon (don’t you know who I am) is a very common rhetorical question asked when there are locking of horns during road rage incidents. Inadvertently, power rubs on people who reside in the most ‘powerful’ city of India. Everyone thinks he or she is a king or a queen. For a keen observer of people who enjoys watching nuances in people, this appears to be ‘very cute’, but that is only when he or she is not directly in the line of fire.

Delhi, O My Delhi

For a city where people can be seen sleeping on the streets and dogs can be seen enjoying their time in Jaguars, BMWs and Audis, Delhi still is a place where people care about relating with one another. Its more relational than some of the other cities of India wherein people are more aloof. A mega city where people communting in its metro system outnumber the number of galaxies in the universe, Delhi lives up to its potential to be endearing to one and all in very many ways.


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