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Delhi is located in the central of India and has extreme climate situation with very hot in summers and cold in winters. Most of the months, you can experience hot and humid temperature in the capital city. Summers are very hot in the month of mid May to July following with rainy season in the month of September. Monsoon season of the city can’t be predicated as rains can be start from August or at the end of September. Winter season starts from the month of November and ends till late February. One can experience chilly weather in winters as the city is situated on the bank of river Yamuna from where heavy winds flow. Delhi’s weather has continental climate which makes the atmosphere cool in winters and hot in summers.

Summers: Average temperature in the summers of this capital city varies from 25°C to 45°C- 46°C. With this range of temperature you can imagine that how hot is the summer which is also unbearable. Month of May to mid July are very hot which force people to stay inside as the heat is not bearable. One can experience hot and humid temperature and even hot waves which are called as “Loo” till October until winters started. During summers people of city should take extra precautions while travelling and going out from the house.

Winters: As compare to summers, winter season is very short that starts from end of the month of November to the last of February and starting March. Cold waves during winter season encourage people to sit around bonfire to get some relief from cold. Average temperature in winters goes down as low to 3°C to even 2°C to 1°C. People of city also face the problems of fog and smog which reduces the visibility on the streets and causes traffic and accidents. During winters precautions are necessarily taken by the people while driving at night and even morning time also. Sometimes bright sunlight can be seen in the winter’s afternoon which is the sign of relief for the people of city from chilly atmosphere.

Monsoon: Rainy season begin from the month of end June which is also considered as the sign of relief from summers. People of the capital city do not witness much rains in the season as this monsoon season is quite unpredictable. One can enjoy rains between the months of last July to end of September. October is the month which does not have rains but have pleasant weather to enjoy and roam around the city.


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