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New Delhi is famous for its culture, tradition and effervescent history. The culture of Delhi reflects the rich heritage of the past coupled with the influence of modern lifestyle.
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When it comes to tourism, Delhi has something for everyone. Explore the tourist destinations in Delhi
Things to do in Delhi
Things to do in Delhi
When it comes to tourism, Delhi has something for everyone. Explore the tourist destinations in Delhi
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When it comes to tourism, Delhi has something for everyone. Explore the tourist destinations in Delhi
Real Estate Delhi

Real Estate in India has seen a tremendous growth over the past few years and there has been a sudden increase in property prices in major cities across India. Real Estate in Delhi has beckoned many foreign investors with 100% FDI in the Real Estate sector. Property developers and Builders in New Delhi have certainly cashed on this boom and this is the reason why we see new structures and developments in residential as well as commercial properties in Delhi. Buying and selling property in Delhi is no more limited to just purchasing and selling a house or a home but it has taken a form of investment in real estate. Buying a second home is always seen as an investment prospect with too many options available for buying property.

New Delhi is ranked one of the most costly cities in terms of cost of living. And it is not a mere hype but a reality, which has strong foundations in the remarkable living standards of its inhabitants.

The real Estate in Delhi has always been on the upswing. But with the booming economy and fast developing satellite cities such as Gurgaon, Noida and Faridabad, Delhi never had it so good. Unlike many other real estates in the country, the worth of New Delhi property is based on some strong credentials.

The capital city boasts of an International airport, plenty of five-star hotels, vast rail network augmented by state-of-the-art Delhi Metro, efficient road links, malls, multiplexes and major government offices. Considering the availability of such a massive infrastructure, the Delhi property market remains high on the investors’ agenda.

The upward trend is likely to continue with the focus now shifting to East Delhi as major center for development of real estate market. East Delhi was, until now, considered as a down-market in the intra-Delhi real estate sector.

But with a changing trans-Yamuna skyline, malls, multiplexes, entertainment hubs and special features like Akshardham Temple, East Delhi is all set to challenge its more privileged southern counterpart.

Demand for properties in Delhi has increased owing to the easy availability of home loans in India as well as builders and constructing providing luxury flats, apartments and homes at affordable price. Multinational companies and corporate bodies are looking for office space and commercial establishments in Delhi and NCR. Since, Delhi has the scope to expand its boundaries to the neighboring satellite cities, it is a much sought after destination for foreign investors and other multi national companies.

Real Estate in Delhi has witnessed brisk growth in the past few months with more and more projects coming up in the area. Builders and property dealers have cashed on this boom which has ultimately made real estate a profitable industry. Also, from a buyers and sellers prospective, you have more options at hand. It is now easier to buy a property, home or a plot as compared to scenario some five years ago. Easy availability of home loans in India has definitely helped the middle class people to make their dream come true.

Properties in Delhi

Delhi Properties are all set to don a new mantle with the government of New Delhi coming down hard on illegal buildings and their usage. With such positive measures, the real estate agents in New Delhi feel that the legal property market will get a boost because the investors will obviously get attracted to the place where their real estate investment is protected by the government. Moreover, in the recent past, the Delhi Rent Control Act has ensured that the legitimate interests of the landowners will be protected.

There are many avenues in Delhi if you are looking for buying home, land, plots, flats, Bungalows or villas in Delhi. Farm land and Farm houses in Delhi can be seen in South Delhi area like Mehrauli and Budarpur.

Another promising prospect is in Dwarka area of Delhi where new apartments and flats are coming up day by day. Dwarka has the advantage of good connectivity with central Delhi through Delhi Metro Rail network and the proximity to the airport makes the place even more important.

Demand for office space and commercial buildings in Delhi has increased in the past few years which also means that possessing an office space in a commercial hub is no cheaper. With the increase in the demand for more office and business space, rental rate for a commercial space has also increased.

Property Investment in Delhi

Investment in property has always been a lucrative option and with the growth of Real Estate industry, there has been a sudden increase in property investments. Delhi is the home to many multinational companies, bureaucrats and the most important, it is the power hub of the democracy of India. So investment in Delhi is definitely a lucrative option considering the rebate government has given in FDI, Real Estate and flexible norms of the RBI.

Delhi is a multilingual city with people from each and every part of India having their presence. The economy of Delhi is expanding day by day with the establishment of more industries and influx of more investments in the city.

Buying a property in Delhi is a wise move because you can possess a house, flat or a plot at a decent locality within Delhi. If you are looking to relocate to Delhi then it is the best place because the city’s infrastructure has improved with the advent of Metro Rail service and the proposed New Delhi Master Plan 2010 has all those ingredients that would make Delhi a world class city.

Delhi has good schools and colleges with scope in technical education in the form of medical, management and engineering colleges. Delhi has its own historic importance with cultural values still very much preserved in the city.

Foreign investors and NRIs living abroad are now looking at Delhi from investment point of view where they have the option to invest in luxury flats, apartments, home, villas, penthouses, farmland and bungalows.

If you are a foreign investor or an NRI or an Indian and wish to invest your money, seeking good returns then Delhi is the best choice for you. This is because return on Real Estate investment is higher than any other form of investment and the return would come to you within a very short span of time.