Garden of Five Senses
Garden of Five Senses

The Garden of the Five Senses is one of the recently developed gardens in Delhi. Inaugurated in February 2003, this wonderful garden is located in the Said-ul-Ajaib village, near Mehrauli-Badarpur Road. As the name connotes, the Garden of the five Senses is developed in a way to stimulate the five senses of human beings with its beauty and creativity. There are five human senses such as Hear, Touch, Taste, Smell and Sight. The garden of the five senses offers everything for all our five senses to be able to use them and enjoy to the fullest.

Spread over 20 acres of area, this garden opens all days in week. The garden comes into full bloom during different festivals that are held here. Some such festivals that the garden serves as a venue are namely Garden tourism festival, Food festivals, Dandiya festivals etc. Besides, the garden also hosts various cultural programs during several occasions.

It can truely be said that Garden of the Five Senses is the perfect place for leisure and to understand and value our responsibilities of human beings towards the environment.

The Garden of Five Senses has a host of flowers that bloom during different seasons. Some of them even blossoms all through the year. Here, you can see innumerable variety of flowers like Antirrhinum flower, Pansy flower, Dahlia flower, Aster flower, Dianthus flower, Petunia flower and so on. The flowers on display also include Orchids, tulips, Roses, shrubs etc.

The beautiful flowers that surrounds the garden of the five senses make a splash of colours, which can be experienced only after visiting this garden.

The garden is divided into separate sactions. Some of the sactions are namely khas bagh, neel bagh, color garden, courts of specimen plants, solar energy park, food and shopping court etc. The Khas Bagh is a formal garden patterned on the lines of the Mughal Garden with water cascade in waterways along side.

Other attractions of the garden of the five senses include the 25 sculptures and murals of skilled craftsmen and artisans of India. The Neel Bagh consists of a large number of colorful plants with a pool of water lilies in the center. Like wise, the Color Gardens consists of a beautiful arrangement of ordinary blossoming shrubs and ground covers.

Courts of Specimen Plants is the area where you will find some of the rare species of plants and herbs. Than there is the Solar Energy Park, which was set up to promote awareness about renewable sources of energy. This area has on display two buses, bicycles, cars, a computer, etc that run on solar energy.

The food and shopping court in the garden of the five senses offers you unique taste of various exotic delicacies and at the same time, here you can also shop for your knick-knacks.