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New Delhi has numerous of the famous events and festivals which are usually held throughout the year. And many of the famous events are unlike anything that any of the visitors have experienced before. It will surely be a new and innovative experience for the visitors.

The first and the major festival held every year is Pongal, which has been celebrated for four days from the month of January. It starts from 13th January to 16th January.

 If we talk about festivals then Maha Shivaratri is another famous festivals along with Holi, followed by Dussehra, Diwali, Durga Puja, Christmas and so on. An event varied to New Delhi the capital city is the Annual Mango Festival, where all the growers of the country from all over the country assemble together to showcase their variety of mangoes and all the personal growing accomplishments.

One can also enjoy numbers of famous and renowned Film Festival which will be held in New Delhi mostly at Siri Fort Auditorium. Two other good places to find out about such events in the country are the National Events Calendar and the New Delhi Events Calendar. A very important and the major day of the entire country, also for the Indians, is the Republic Day 26th of January as well.

Phoolwalon-ki-Sair is also famous and known as the Flower Sellers Procession. The festival is a tradition that has been properly followed since the 16th century. Qutub Festival is a renowned festival of energetic music and dance, with performers dancing to the Qutub Minar to entertain the public.