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Sightseeing tours are popular in cities all over the world. Organized tours are expensive, rigid and need definite planning in advance. The Hop-On/Hop-Off Bus service provides sightseeing options to tourists who are willing to explore Delhi with a more flexible schedule. These tours are conducted in specially designed buses which move continuously along a route, allowing tourists to board or alight at any of the pick up/drop off points. The route of these buses covers monuments, museums, galleries, gardens, shopping malls, hotels and bazaars. All in all, the service is designed to provide a complete experience of the city to a tourist.

HOHO stands for Hop On Hop Off. These are Sightseeing Buses very popular in cities all over the world, like London Paris, New York.

How Sightseeing with HOHO Bus is different from regular Sightseeing bus?

HOHO buses run continuously on a route, covering all the popular attractions in the city.
Hop on or board these buses from any nearest pick up/drop off points.
Hop off or get down at your choice of places.
Buses come at each pick up/drop off points approximately every 30 mins.
Explore your choice of location with total freedom, unlike regular sightseeing tours where time to explore each attraction is limited.
Not only can you explore the attractions, but also explore the hidden gems of the Cities. Experience exotic food, do shopping, and much more. For more information visit - www.hohodelhi.com

Please feel free to reach us at 011- 4094000. We would be more than happy to serve you.

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(For Adults - Rs.300) | ( Child Rs. 150 (Child below 3 feet)

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