Delhi Transport, Bus Terminals, Roads in Delhi
New Delhi is famous for its culture, tradition and effervescent history. The culture of Delhi reflects the rich heritage of the past coupled with the influence of modern lifestyle.
Delhi Metro – City Life line
When it comes to tourism, Delhi has something for everyone. Explore the tourist destinations in Delhi
Things to do in Delhi
Things to do in Delhi
When it comes to tourism, Delhi has something for everyone. Explore the tourist destinations in Delhi
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When it comes to tourism, Delhi has something for everyone. Explore the tourist destinations in Delhi
Transportation in Delhi

Delhi Transport Corporation or the DTC is the main transportation medium in Delhi. DTC buses run all through the city including the national Capital Region (NCR). DTC is the world's largest compressed natural gas bus service. The service has come a long way since its inception in the year 1984. Now all buses have been converted into CNG in order to control the pollution level of the city. Apart from the bus service of the DTC, there are private Blue Line services controlled by private operators.

Delhi City, being one of the most populous cities in India demands a transportation system that is effective, fast and reliable. With the advent of Delhi Metro Rail Service, the transport system has become very smooth and efficient. But it is also imperative to have good bus service so that people are encouraged to use public transport more often. With the motive to improve city’s transport system ahead of Commonwealth Games and of course providing best of facilities to commuters, the government has introduced new luxury AC Buses, which would give respite to people using public transport for commuting. If you are looking to avail public transport in the city, you have the following options:

DTC Buses

DTC Bus service in the most popular means of commuting in Delhi. Several buses run all through the day from different localities of Delhi. DTC buses are not limited to the periphery of Delhi but the service is well connected to the neighboring states. Inter state buses are available at the bus terminals in Delhi. Among all the bus terminals, ISBT and Anand Vihar bus terminals are the major ones where you can board buses to Uttranchal, Punjab, Haryana, and Jammu & Kashmir.

White Line Buses

White line buses in Delhi are operated by private hands. These buses have limited stops and less traveling time. The fare is fixed no matter the distance you travel. Though very similar to Blue Line Buses but these white line buses have lesser stoppage time and comfortable seating.

DTC Green Buses

DTC Green Buses are latest addition to the fleet of DTC Buses. These are low floor high capacity buses designed to provide luxury and comfort to passengers. The Capital is slated to have about 2,500 semi-low-floor and low-floor buses by 2010 Commonwealth Games.

DTC Red AC Buses

Stepped out of home and found a swanky Red AC Bus at the very old bus stop! Yes, this is a new experience with Delhiets riding in the air-conditioned comfort of a glinting red bus. Don’t ponder over; you are traveling in New Delhi. People who are willing to pay a bit more for the comfort can avail the AC Bus Service by paying slightly higher than a normal bus fare. The fare of AC buses ranges from Rs 10 to Rs 25 depending upon the kilometers.

Chartered Bus Service

Various chartered bus operators are there in Delhi who offer the charter bus service you need, where you need it. You can avail the newest and most modern fleet of charter buses, tour buses, mini buses, school buses and entertainer coaches all through Delhi. Office going people use chartered bus service to save time and avoid the hassles of crowded buses. Chartered buses are also available for individual booking meant for picnic and outings.

Delhi Metro

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation is another addition to the transportation facility in Delhi. It has come as a blessing for the people of Delhi because traveling in Metro saves time and moreover, the metro provides you the best comfort level. The metro Rail service is still under expansion with new routes to reach South Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida. The current routes cover parts of North Delhi, East Delhi, Central Delhi and West Delhi.

Cabs and Car Rentals in Delhi

In a city like Delhi where distance is the main hindrance to visit different places, car rentals service is there for comfortable travel. Either you are on a business trip or on a tour to Delhi, you can avail cheap car rentals, which are available with different options and affordable rates.

Travel all around Delhi and NCR by car and witness the tourist attractions of Delhi while on a smooth drive. Airport car rental is also available in case you wish to avail the service to and from Delhi Airport. You have the option to choose from standard cars, Luxury cars, Premium cars and mid size or small cars. Radio cabs are now operational within Delhi that can be hired from any location in Delhi. These cabs are air-conditioned cabs that ensure comfortable traveling within the city. You have the option to pay the fare in cash or through credit card.

We have a centralized form for car rentals service in Delhi and NCR. Search for car rentals using the forms on the right. Plan your travel or book a car online and the service will be available at your doorstep.