New Delhi: In a bid to compete with high-end Volvo buses and low-cost airlines, of Shatabdi trains will be installing television screens in all passenger coaches of Shatabdi trains which will originate from the Nation Capital city. Now passengers travelling on Shatabdi trains can enjoy all their favourite TV shows and movies for free of cost on live television.

According to a Northern Railway official, railways are the cheapest means of transport and the Indian Railways is doing everything in their hand to improve the travelling experience of passengers. With this free service, travellers will have more options to kill their journey time by enjoy their favourite movies, shows, cricket matches, news and so on.

The service will be provided free of cost to passengers, but the Northern Railway at the same time is making sure to earn some profit out of this. According to the tender document which was made public state that some 20% of the content presenter by the vendor will be advertised and in return the vendor will be paying the Northern Railways pay a substantial amount.

This facility will be in nine rakes, while rakes 1 to 6 will travel on different routes while the remaining rakes will be on fixed routes. The contract will be for five years the price to reserve for coaches 1 to 6 will be Rs 14 lakh for a year. The licence will be collected on a 6 months basis, the license charge will be increased at 10 per cent after second year, 15 per cent after third and 20 and 25 per cent in the fourth and fifth year.

Railway official said that after a trial run on the Kalka Shatabdi and if it proves successful, the entire Shatabdi network in Delhi will be covered.

An eight inch TV screen will be installed behind every seat in the Executive Class and Chair Cars in six Shatabdi trains originating from the capital. The trains chosen by railway officials for this are Amritsar Shatabdi, Kalka Shatabdi, Lucknow Shatabdi, Bhopal Shatabdi, Ajmer Shatabdi and Dehradun Shatabdi. The cost of development, management and maintenance of the audio, video and so on will be borne by the contractor.

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