As a rising economy, India has developed a curving for the better things in life and various luxuries. For Delhi, imported liquor seems to be one of the most common indulgence. The demand for imported alcoholic beverages has double since last year in Delhi. In 2011, more than 10.08 lakh bottles of imported beer was sold compared to the year before. Some 3.46 lakh bottles of wines were sold, when only some 1.94 lakh were sold the year before. The increase in demand for imported whiskey has also increased to 3.87 lakh when it was just 2.34 lakh bottles for the year before.

A senior excise department official stated that  “Buying and serving expensive liquor in parties has become a status symbol. The Delhiites’ buying capacity is increasing and they don’t shy away from spending big bucks on expensive imported liquor,“ There are some 32 shops in the city which sell imported liquor. Last year, the excise department collected a revenue of R1,240 crore. This figure has gone up to R1,540 crore this year.

There has been an increase of over 17 percent in the sale of imported liquor in Delhi and the revenue generated has also increased to over 24 percent as according to officials.  A excise department official said “We are expecting the sales to go up further because of the festive season. Generally, people consume more liquor to beat the cold.“

In Delhi there are some 423 government-run, 90 private and 16 mall-based liquor outlets in the city. Delhi government had also recently drafted a proposal to allow microbreweries in Delhi restaurants and pubs. The proposal has framed the rules and regulations which will act as eligibility criteria for such pubs, for instance, the minimum space required and the volume of beer which can be produced.

News Source : Hindustan Times

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