To help road accident victim get faster treatment and insurance claim settlement, Delhi Traffic will be using a device called RADaR or Road Accident Data Recorder. This device will collect and store essential accident-related data required by road engineers, traffic police, insurance agents and doctors in trauma centres.

Designed by the International Road Federation (IRF), RADaR will be launched in Delhi on October 3rd during a three-day international expo on traffic safety. PK Sikdar, a traffic expert said that  “Road accidents require a systematic analysis to evolve possible solutions and their counter-measures to improve safety of accident locations.“

An IRF official stated that data collection from accident sites through existing arrangements is often insufficient as these are collected only for the purpose of FIR and strictly meet only the requirement of adjudication. But this device will record all important accident-related data like vehicles involved, fatality or injury, collision diagram with all the exact details in a menu-driven electronic form filled by touch screen arrangement for the tablet.

KK Kapila, chairman, IRF explained that the device is a user friendly electronic tablet which will add traffic police to collect road accident data from an accident site at ease. The device will come equipped with GPS, GPRS, digital camera and voice recording. Comprehensive data collection will facilitate analysis of a road accident or accident reconstruction, which was not possible till now.

Experts says that this device will aid a lot to the improvement of road safety and reduced road accidents. Satyendra Garg, joint commissioner of police (traffic) said, “I have heard about the device but am yet to see it. I can’t comment on this now.“ it should be noted that on an average of 170 people are killed in road accidents every month in Delhi.

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