Mobile Traffic Signal Lights to deals with Rush Hour Traffic

Posted by admin On October - 8 - 2011

Delhi traffic police has come up with a new and an unique way to deal with traffic jams at signalfree junctions in the city. The police will be using a mobile traffic signal system to deal with traffic at places where a permanent traffic signal is not installed on a day-to-day basis. The mobile traffic will be loaded on a trolley which will be easy to take anywhere.

BS Bassi, special commissioner of police (traffic) said that “We are currently using the system to identify locations at the C Hexagon where we may need to place permanent traffic lights.” The traffic police have already tested the mobile traffic signal at places without traffic signals.

Around the C Hexagon (the roundabout near India Gate), Delhi police is planning to install permanent traffic lights with pedestrian crossovers at five locations to deals with the traffic and provide safe passageway to pedestrians during morning and evening peak hours.

Joint Commissioner of traffic police, Satyendra Garg said that they have installed red lights at the crossings on Tilak Marg, Shahjahan Road and Rajpath. Now with the use of the mobile traffic signal the police is surveying the feasibility of installing permanent lights at Zakir Hussain crossing and KG Marg crossing.“ As part of testing, the police is giving around 15 seconds’ pedestrian crossover every three minutes during morning and evening peak hours by using the mobile traffic light. Satyendra Garg also said that “This mobile traffic signal, which can run continuously for 20 hours, can be seen from three different directions at an intersection.”

The mobile traffic signal lights will be used once all the locations are identified where traffic increases during the peak hours. As of now, the Police have four such mobile signal lights and one is already in used, the remaining lights will be put into use in a couple of months.

To sum up, the mobile traffic signal lights will have these features:

  • It can be taken anywhere it is needed.
  • The lights will be seen from three directions at an intersection.
  • The period to change lights will be as per requirement.
  • It has the option of pedestrian crossover.

Mobile traffic light can operate for 20 hours at a stretch.

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