DTC Plans towards a secure travelling

Posted by admin On December - 11 - 2011

In just a few months, DTC bus passengers will be kept under constant surveillance through CCTV and commuters will also be checked by the bus staff with a metal detector for weapons to make travelling in Delhi safer.

Secure System in DTC Buses in Delhi

Delhi’s public transport system is a very vulnerable spots for terror attacks and the government is taking serious measures to prevent any such events. The Delhi Metro network is checked and secured through manual as well as strict electronics surveillance system but the DTC still continue to be a vulnerable target.

According to DC senior officials, said they are now working on a state home department’s proposal to install CCTV cameras and metal detectors in its 6,500strong fleet of buses. As these will have huge financial implications, DTC will have to arrange for the equipment on its own. DTC chairman-cum-managing director Vijay Kumar Dev said they have taken up the proposal with transport department of Delhi government. Dev said that  “Once a policy is laid out and its financial implications are taken care of, we will involve all stakeholders including bus manufacturers to see how it can be made possible,“

The human resources will have to arrange everything to run this entire system smoothly, said DTC officials. The officials also said that they will have to generate a backend system through which they will feed the  large number of buses and will not only have to be monitored but will also have to be stored for future reference.

DTC buses in a day make some 35,00040,000 trips and carry more than 40 lakh passengers every day. The department has launched cluster bus scheme in Delhi through which some 4,400 private buses which will runs on over 650 routes in a couple of years and these private buses will also have to install CCTV camera as well as metal detectors.

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