Delhi’s Quest For More Space, But How?

Posted by rajat On December - 28 - 2011

With all the high rise buildings, efficient public transportation, wider roads and more parks and gardens, Delhi is on the right track towards a world-class city but Delhi also faces another problem, lack of space. With the rapid population growth, Delhi desperately needs more space.

Delhi has witness massive changes in the past 50 years in terms of growth. The city has witness city builders taking over agricultural land to accommodate the growing population. The space for Delhiite is shrinking every year.

According to the Master Plan of Delhi 2021, the solution lies in going vertical. Though it might solve the problem of space but Delhi will lose the luxury of being a garden city. Both prescribe densification of the city, either by going up or redeveloping the existing residential areas.

According to historian Aman Nath “It’s not the ideal situation, but the fact is that Delhi can’t remain a horizontal city anymore.” “There is the aggression of population and 10,000 vehicles are added daily…Delhi has to go up or underground, which sounds sensible keeping the hot weather in mind,“ he says.

The first Master Plan drafted in 1962 was felt that due to the growing population, Delhi needed to go vertical. Though Delhi is traditionally known for a low-rise city but the city has always fancied high-rise. The first high-rises started from the mid-1960s near Connaught Place, the heart of low-rise Delhi. Areas such as the Barakhamba Road and Kasturba Gandhi Marg were included in th Central Business District where bungalows were taken down to make way for  building with 20 floors.

AK Jain, former commissioner (planning), Delhi Development Authority said that “The Floor Area Ratio for these areas was raised to 400 that allowed these buildings to come up. It was later felt these buildings had no composite design and went against the character of Lutyens’ Delhi.

News Source : Hindustan Times

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