City Roads to be Repainted by July

Posted by rajat On May - 25 - 2013

New Delhi: Come July, all roads in the city will sport a new look. In a Rs 20-crores project, the PWD will repaint 1,250 kilometres of roads across Delhi with thermoplastic paint, which has glass beads and glows in the dark. According to the plan, each road will have designated lanes, arrows, lanechanging zones, bus lanes, said an official. Though a basic requirement for city roads, these are rarely followed on ground.

 delhi roads repainting

“While the work has already begun in some stretches, other stretches will be looked after as soon as dense carpeting is completed in those areas. The paint that will be used will be similar to the one used during the CWG,” said PWD minister Raj Kumar Chauhan.


The contractor will be responsible for maintenance of the paint along these stretches for the next two years. If the paint fades at any place, they’ll have to repaint it at no additional cost to the government, said a senior PWD engineer.


Thermoplastic paint is four times costlier than a regular paint, said an official. “Regular paint lasts about two months after which it begins to fade. Thermoplastic paint is much more durable and lasts 2 years. It also shines better, making it more visible for road users,” added the engineer.


At present, no real lanes have been marked in the city and the markings are not uniform. The PWD has drawn up a list of basic rules for all lane and intersection markings, which have to be uniformly followed. “We have circulated drawings of how each road lane and intersection have to be marked, complete with demarcated lanes, arrow markings, stop lines and lane changing zones. Bus lanes will also be marked,” said the engineer.


Source: Times of India

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