After shopping and dining, DMRC plans amusement park

Posted by admin On July - 27 - 2011

New Delhi: With the Metro connecting different corners of the city, the Delhi Metro has definitely made commuting much easier. Delhi Metro stations are also equipped with shops and restaurants and now Delhi Metro Corporation is planning for a theme park near Shastri Park.

Request for Proposal tender has been submitted and a reply is expected by the end of the year. According to sources, the amusement park will be on “O” zone, which will not have any permanent structure or banquet/drive-in cinema halls. This will allow the Delhi Metro to utilize the land properly as well as earn some much-needed revenue. “Since the land is in zone “O”, we wanted to develop it in such a way that utilization could be based on temporary structures. A theme park seemed like a good idea as according to a DMRC source.

The proposed location for the park is on the south-west side of the Shastri Park station and it will be leased for a period of 15 years to a developer. According to a DMRC spoke person, the park will include top notch recreational facilities for children’s as well as various attractions and amenities for families. DMRC is expecting upfront and recurring revenue. The non-refundable entry licence fee for the park is Rs 5 crore plus service tax, as well as an annual fee that will be decided once the developer will be selected.

Though DMRC is planning to lease to developer for a period of 15 years, DMRC holds the right to extend the lease by five years. However, the developer would have to get clearance from from fire, police and land development authorities to run the park.

Since the proposed location for the amusement park is close to the station, visitors will enjoy easy access. The park will have lush landscape with trees and plants. A DMRC official said, “The theme park is part of Delhi Metro’s initiatives to raise resources for funding the Metro operations through non-fare revenues.” If this plans works, DMRC will plan such more projects in the future.

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