A CITY IN A HAZE – Month of horror for homeless!!

Posted by rajat On December - 28 - 2011

Famous for its extreme weather, Delhi weather can be very ruthless. This winter, the cold has claimed many lives and most victims are the homeless. 118 unidentified bodies have been found this month, according to Delhi police figures and 60% of the death is because of the cold.

According to the report, around three persons lost their live everyday because of the cold. A certain area in North Delhi with a huge number of homeless has lost 31 person to the cold while Central Delhi has lost 17 so far. Though government has set up night shelter, hunders of people die of cold.

In simple figures, this means that around three persons have died due to the cold in the city every day so far in December. The maximum number -31 -is from North Delhi district, an area that has the highest number of homeless people. The figure for central Delhi is 17.

Paramjeet Kaur and Ashray Adhikar Abhiyan who works for the homeless in a NGO said that “The government sets up shelters every year, but no one is doing anything about the occupancy,“

A proposal to the urban development department has already been send by the Delhi State Industrial and Infrastructure Development Corporation to build a transit home for labourers and construction workers in Kanjhawala. Kaur said,“No homeless person will ever move to Kanjhawala. Location is very important when it comes to getting the homeless to sleep inside a shelter. This plan will simply not work.”

News Source : Hindustan Times

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