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DELHI METRO Safety Guidelines - Do's & Dont's at Metro Premises


Follow instructions and pay attention to notices or announcements.
Keep stations tidy and always use dustbins.
Take extra care of children, women and the elderly.
Contact DMRC staf on duty immediately if you see anything suspicious.
Use emergency and safety equipment only in case of emergency. Any misuse causing damage will result in legal action against the offender.

Eat or drink at Metro stations.
Smoke, carry inflammable materials, hazardous chemicals or animals into Metro stations.
Push or play on the platform.
Cause damage to Metro property. It may lead to prosecution.

AFC Gates

AFC Gates are designed to detect passengers while walking through. Show your card / token at the Gate by standing on yellow fine marked near the gate.
Let children and the elderly enter first
Keep belongings and clothging close while passing through the gate.
Take care of the children below the height of gate. Preferably hold them in your arms while passing through the gate. Smart card holders must ensure proper entry and exit at the AFC Gates.

Try to forciby enter / exit from the Gates in group.
Stop and reverse after passing the gate.
Pause while passing through the gate.
Try to jump over AFC Gates to make entry / exit.
Try to touch the flaps of the gate.

Escalators & Elevators

Always hold the handrail.
Face towards moving direction.
Take extra care of children, the elderly and disabled.
If the escalator stops, please use the staircase.
In case of any emergency, press the emergency stop switch available at the beginning, middle & end of the escalator.
Elevators may preferably be used by elderly, diabled & sick persons
Always enter & exit the elevators at designated floor alignment.
Before boarding the elevators, make sure that none of its passengers appear suspicious.
Use emergency phone for assistance.
Please stand on the left to allow others to walk past.

Run on the escalators.
Sit or play on the escalators.
Lean on the edge of escalators.
Let children use the escalators alone.
Stand or wait at the landing area of the escalators.
Take prams or baggage onto the escalators.
Try to exitin stuck elevators.
Panic in case of unexpected halting.
Use an elevator during the power failure.


Stand back from the yellow line at platform level.
Let passengers exit from the train first.
Mind the gap between train and platform.
Contact DMRC station staff if any belongings drop in the track.
Any unattended article of any kind may be reported to station staff.

Try to pick the belongings that drop in the track on your own, but contact the station staff.
Lean on platform edges.
Go near the moving train out of curiosity.
Venture out beyond platform area.
Try to cross the tracks to go from one platform to another.
Attempt to board the train when doors are closing
Block the train doors when they are closing.

Boarding Trains

Stand back from the train doors.
Please offer your seat to children, pregnant and elderly passengers.
Always hold the handrail or strap hanger while standing.
Always use the safety belt for wheelchair passengers.
Always sit or stand near your belongings.

Lean against the train doors.
Put your hand on the train doors or door edges.
Pull or press any button in he train except in an emergency.
Scratch or mutilate any of the signages available inside train.
Squat on the train floor.
Drink or eat in the train.
Smoke in trains or at stations.

Delhi Metro Phase III

Sources in the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) confirmed that the redesigned alignment had been decided, with the Yamuna Vihar-Mukundpur corridor being the longest one. In fact, when completed, this corridor will be the longest line in the entire Delhi Metro network, covering 55.9km. The Yamuna Vihar-Mukundpur corridor will have major stations at Mukundpur, Rajouri Garden — which will also be an interchange station — Dhaula Kuan, Anand Vihar — yet another interchange station — culminating in Yamuna Vihar. Read More»

General rules for Metro Passengers
No Smoking
No Pets
No Eatable
No Littering
No Spitting
No Inflammables
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