Five Star Hotels in Delhi
Five Star Hotels in Delhi

The Indian tourism industry is ever rising and every year the country receives large number of tourists from across the world. Moreover, there are a huge crowd of domestic tourists who also visit various corners of the country for vacations. These tourists seek accommodation in the hotels in different cities of the country.

Amongst these large number of domstic and international tourists, there are many who seek luxury accommodation and the 5 star hotels in Delhi serve them with warmth, comfort and contemporary facilities.

With high quality standards in every service they provide, these 5 star hotels in Delhi wins over million of hearts everyday and this is evident from the hospitality that is so very appreciated by tourists staying in these hotels. These brand hotels offer world class, sophisticated and unique services and amenities.

Moreover, these 5 star hotels serve leisure as well as corporate clients alike. In addition to providing a luxurious stay in the well appointed rooms and suites, these hotels offer other amenities like a range of varied restaurants to enjoy delicious food, recreational facilities, and business facilities.

Another good thing about these brand hotels is that most of these hotels belong to top class and reputed hotel groups having honor and respect in the country and outside. Besides, these luxury fivestar hotels are present in most cities in India. Along with the major metro cities of the country, these hotels are available in many small cities as well.

These five star hotels are the most favoured destinations for luxury holidays. Though these hotels are a bit high on the cost side, but the various amenities available in such hotels make them the best deal in any given city.

These hotels takes care of every minute things pertaining to their guests. Stay at such brand hotels definitely makes you feel more than at home. Be it is Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai or a small city like Pune, Hyderabad etc., these five star hotels provide the same kind of luxury and lavishness on all days of the year.

In addition, the food at their restaurants are wholesome, delicious and mouth watering. And the options to choose between different restaurants within the same complex make it further interesting for visitors to trigger their taste buds.

Be it the hospitality, the ambience or the service, no one can beat these five star hotels. They are simply superb. These properties generally have numerous rooms and suites, which gives a large number of tourists the opportunity to stay in such hotels.

Many recreational amenities like, swimming pool, jacuzzi, gymnasium, and clubs for playing various indoor and outdoor games are also provided at these five star hotels. For business and corporate clients, they have services and facilities for conducting meetings, seminars, conventions and so on.

These 5 star hotels in India are well serving tourists, be it domestic or international.